james harley


My name be James "Grits" Harley and my wife be Janice "Gravy" Harley.


April 1st, 1955

Home town



“It’s been a great week for Orangeburg County, but a bad one for these guys.”

Letz wayt until dey are zentenzed. den we wil zee whoz bad week it wuz.


"went airborne and then up there is where he hit a tree, probably 12 feet up.”

Wowz.....wut iz da zpeed lymit dare?


gritsngravy commented on 3 guilty in Honda burglary

'controlled substance, called “molly” '

hee hee hee, mz brown. evveybodiee knowz wut dat ztuff really iz. Iz ok, yer zecret iz zafe wiff me.


"Dickson sentenced him"

Diz be da biggezt joke in da hole kounty. Wen iz da judical zyztem goin to kleen up itz act. wen iz da haff-witz at da T&D goin to do zum kind of repot on diz?


"he took a pizza with him"

hee hee hee....diz maid me giggle lyk a skoolgal.


"11:30 p.m. on Dec. 26"

Nuffin lyk timely repotin. Yew haff-witz at da T&D need to be drug tezted. deez peepz iz alreddy in da mexico.


" everything was 100 percent legitimate"

Nex tyme zumwun zayz dat to yew, look and zee if dare noze growz longa.


"South Carolina Statey"

Yew dun ben zmokkin da ganja again, haffnt yew?


gritsngravy commented on STOLEN PROPERTY

"a 2011 U-Haul van and a 20-foot U-Haul trailer were never returned. The items are valued at $47,800"

grate zkore dere, kuzin pookie. yew dun did gud


"possible suspect who was terminated"

dey didun do it....it wuz my kuzin pookie.