David Free

Seems like Jessie Smallet came to town and nobody spotted him .

In the first hour you can see the democrats have fabricated and Mismanaged this whole Impeachment process . Fact is that there Liars and the voters should be putting them out like a cat who constantly misses the Litter box !

Trump asked for assistance of the already ongoing investigation ? Not what the title of this article says !

25 years just for being a Moron should be added , Yes ?

They all seem to be in my backyard as I have to put out one pound of seed everyday and the feeder is empty many hours before I refill it , For cardina, ls red thrashers ,bluejays, black cackles, wood peckers, nut hatch , chickadeas , Titmouse , Painted

Called the sheriff 4 times today and they did not answer the phone after many many rings and he wants money to do what ?

Put the smart phone down !

25 years in prison for less than $500 bucks the sheriff should be looking for a very low IQ moron .

Theme from an imaginary suicide watch !

More deaths by smart phone likely the cause ?

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