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VOTING FOR PET IDOL and 4 additional pet contests has begun! All proceeds from voting benefit The Times and Democrat’s Newspapers in Education program and your local SPCA! To vote, go to, scroll down to the EXTRAS heading on our home page and click on the Pet Idol Plus button.

These contests are a fundraiser for The T&D’s Newspapers in Education program and the SPCA.

Visit for all contest information.

Dogs and puppies

Mamma Gail, a 3-year-old black female Lab, needs a gentle hand to guide her (case 0092).

Roscoe, a 1-year-old black male Boxer/Lab0mix, is looking for someone to mend his broken heart (case 0098).

Alexis, a 5-year-old black female Lab-mix, has the best listening ear (case 0164).

Luna, a 2-year-old black female Lab-mix will have you falling into her soulful eyes (case 0184).

Princess, a 2-year-old grey female Pit-Bull, will have you wanting to stay home all day (case 0176)

Ruby, a 3-year-old white female Bulldog-mix, will shine for you all day (case 0239).

Pineapple, an 8-month-old red male Lab-mix, is as sweet and delightful as his namesake (case 0321).

Kiwi, an 8-month-old dark brown-and-tan female Collie-mix, will plant the seed of love with just one look (case 0322).

King, a 1-year-old black male Boxer, needs the warm embrace of safety with you (case 0328).

• Smokey, a 10-month-old light tan male Shepherd-mix, needs a human to prove he is worth loving (case 0332).

• Cyndi Lou, a 3-year-old black-and-white female Lab-mix, is no Grinch to be around (case 0361).

• Jordan, a 5-year-old white male Shepherd/Lab-mix, knows the best way to your heart (case 0362).

• Toby, a 6-month-old black-and-white male Vizla-mix, wants someone to share his secrets with (case 0371).

• Moose, an 18-month-old tan male Lab/Shepherd-mix, will love those long walks in the woods (case 0358).

Ramsey, a 1-year-old tan female Shepherd-mix, will keep a smile on your face (case 0393).

Tahoe, a 14-month-old black-and-white male Lab-mix, will have you climbing mountains in no time (case 0409).

Tank, a 2-year-old black male Lab-mix, will capture your heart with just one bark (case 0410).

Vanna, a 2-year-old white-and-gray female Terrier-mix, wags her way straight to your love (case 0415).

Hank, a 5-month-old white spotted male Hound-mix, will be the anchor you need in life (case 0419).

Skye, a 5-year-old tan-and-black female Shepherd-mix, has no limit to the love she will give (case 0420).

Opie, a 2-month-old black-and-white male Lab-mix, will make your heart skip a beat (case 0421).

Starlight, a 1-year-old gray female Weimaraner/ Lab-mix, will have all your dreams coming true (case 0422).

Fritz, a 2-month-old black male Lab-mix, is your knight in shining armor (case 0423).

Franchesca, a 2-month-old black-and-tan female Lab-mix, will have your heart fluttering (case 0424).

Trisket,a 5-month-old white-and-brown male Lab-mix, will have you taking an extra bite out of life (case 0426).

• Storm, an 18-month-old white-and-red-male husky, will fill all your days with sunshine (case0431).

• Snoopy, a 1-year-old white-and-brown male Australian Shepherd-mix, is looking for his Charlie Brown (case 0432).

• Riley, an 11-month-old brindle female Lab-mix, will keep you young (case 0433).

Cats and kittens

Penelope, 1-year-old tabby female, will turn your sour in to sweet (case 0331).

Peaches, an 11-month-old diluted orange female tabby, just needs a windowsill to perch on (case 0097).

Binx, a 1-year-old black female ASH, will have you wanting to call in sick (case 0158).

Brooklyn, a 1-year-old black female ASH, needs a sight-seeing partner (case 0160).

Camilla, an 11-month-old diluted female tabby, specializes in purrs (case 0161).

• Mufasa, an 18-month-old gray-and-white male Persian, needs a little light in his life (case 0162).

Jessica, an 11-week-old diluted gray female calico, is anything but basic (case 0261).

Queen, a 2-year-old orange-and-black female tortoise shell, is searching for her royal family (case 0266).

Woody, an 11-week-old black-and-white male tuxedo/magpie-mix, will bring out your adventurous side (case 0273).

Noah, a 9-week-old black male DSH, will make you feel safe through any disaster (case 0288).

Ozzy, a 12-week-old white-and-black male tuxedo/magpie-mix, is the rock and roll you need in your life (case 0311).

Doc, a 10-week-old black-and-white male tuxedo/magpie-mix, will never let you feel blue (case 0316).

Thor, a 7-week-old black male DSH, will have you feeling stronger in his presence (case 0321).

Juliet, a 9-week-old black-and-white female tuxedo/magpie-mix, needs a new Romeo (case 0326).

May, a 9-week-old black-and-white female tuxedo/magpie-mix, has it feeling like spring year round (case 0327).

Turtle, a 2-year-old tabby-and-white female DSH, will be quick about stealing your heart (case 0331).

Flora, a 5-week-old gray female tabby, knows she is the pick of the field (case 0336).

Mugsie, a 6-week-old black-and-white male tuxedo DSH, can show you new tricks (case 0348).

Ruffles, a 6-week-old black-and-gray female Persian-mix, will have you wishing you took her home sooner (case 0349).

Stoney, a 9-week-old diluted male tabby, will make you his one and only (case 0350).

Romer, a 9-week-old male Persian-mix, only wants to sit on your shoulder all day (case 0351).

Celia, a 4-month-old gray-and-white female Siamese-mix, will make your heart skip a beat (case 0353).

Ripley, a 4-month-old white-and-brindle male Siamese-mix, will have you believing he is the only one you need in life (case 0355).

Marco, a 4-month-old white tabby male Siamese-mix (case 0356).

Smokey, a 1-year-old black female Bombay-mix (case 0390).

Louie, a 3-month-old orange male tabby DSH, sticks to you like glue (case 0394).

Mingo, a 15-week-old male Persian/DSH, wants to show you all his new tricks (case 0395).

• Cinder, a 3-month-old white female Siamese/Snowshoe-mix, will make sure you have you have eyes only for her (case 0406).

Jack, a 5-week-old black-and-white male tuxedo DSH, will keep you warm on those cold days (case 0408).

Carolina, a 10-month-old tabby female DSH, makes every day feel like sunshine (case 0416).

Myers, a 5-week-old tabby male DSH, knows the vacuum is the enemy (case 0418).

Maribelle, a 4-month-old tri-color female calico, teaches unconditional love (case 0425).

Esmerelda, a 5-week-old tabby female DSH, knows laying around all day is pur-fect (case 0427).

Malificent, a 10-month-old white female Siamese, will never be the villain in your life (case 0428).

The Orangeburg SPCA will be limiting the number of people inside its facility at a time. Hours of operation are from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the first and third Saturdays. They are located at 225 Ruf Road and the phone number is 803-536-3918. Check out available adoptions on the internet at, the interactive website at and Facebook page at Orangeburg SPCA. Email any questions to


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VOTING FOR PET IDOL and 4 additional pet contests has begun! All proceeds from voting benefit The Times and Democrat’s Newspapers in Education…

VOTING FOR PET IDOL and 4 additional pet contests has begun! All proceeds from voting benefit The Times and Democrat’s Newspapers in Education…

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