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Dogs and puppies

  • Colby, a 4-year-old black-and-white American Staffordshire Terrier-mix, is looking for someone to love him (case 0297).
  • Johnny, a 1-year-old male Pointer-mix, is adorable and loves keeping people amused (case 0224).
  • Mamma Gail, a 3-year-old black female Lab-mix, needs a gentle hand to guide her (case 0092).
  • Houston, a 1-year-old white-spotted Bernard/Lab-mix, is love at first site (case 0095).
  • Roscoe, a 1-year-old black male Boxer/Lab-mix, is looking for someone to mend his broken heart (case 0098).
  • Freckles, a 3-year-old red/white female Beagle, needs a new cuddling partner (case 0115).
  • Barkley, a 4-month-old brown/white female Boxer/Lab-mix, will make you her whole world (case 0119).

  • Coco, a 1-year-old white female Boxer-mix, has all the makings of your new best friend (case 0126).

  • Rachel, a 4-year-old tan/white female Lab-mix, needs the warm touch of her new family (case 0133).

  • Alexis, a 5-year-old black female Lab-mix, has the best listening ear (case 0164).
  • Marley, a 1-year-old white male Pyranees-mix, knows he is the package deal (case 0183).

  • Luna, a 2-year-old black Lab-mix, will have you falling in to her soulful eyes (case 0184).

  • Poof, a 3-month-old black female Lab/Retriever-mix, will be your whole world (case 0186).

  • Wanda, a 3-month-old black female Lab/Retriever-mix, will make sure every day feels like magic (case 0187).   

  • Roxie, a 1-year-old tan/white female Lab-mix, knows just how to make you laugh (case 0194).

  • Ursula, a 1-year-old black female German Spitz-mix, will have you wanting to stay home all day (0195).

  • Flounder, a 2-month-old black/white male Shepherd-mix, will go on any adventure with you (case 0196).

  • Sebastian, a 2-month-old black male Jack Russell-mix, will be your new partner in crime (case 0197).

  • Ariel, a 2-month-old brown female Shepherd-mix, will swim the ocean with you (case 0198).

  • Coral, a 2-month-old black/white female Shepherd-mix, will open your eyes to new wonders (case 0200).

  • Gilly, a 2-month-old tan female Mastiff-mix, will lick her way into your heart (case 0207).
  • Ellaria, a 2-month-old tan female Mastiff-mix, knows she can light up your day with a bark (case 0208).
  • Arya, a 2-month-old tan-and-black female Mastiff-mix, will be the queen of your heart (case 0209).
  • Gregor, a 2-month-old black male Mastiff-mix, is your new prince charming (case 0210).
  • Echo, a 1-year-old black-and-white male Lab-mix, won't have to convince you that he's the one (case 0212).
  • Ellie, a 10-month-old tan female English Red Tick Hound, wants to run the open fields with you (case 0213).
  • Rose, a 10-month-old white-and-brindle female beagle-mix will have you jumping with joy (case 0216).

Cats and kittens

  • Penelope, 1-year-old tabby female, will turn your sour in to sweet (case 0331).

  • Tippy, a 3-year-old female tortoise shell, is ready to be the shining star in your life (case 0384).
  • Peaches, an 11-month-old diluted orange female tabby, just needs a windowsill to perch on (case 0097).
  •  Midnight, a 4-week-old black female ASH, will light up your day (case 0146).
  • Oreo, a 4-week-old black-and-white male ASH, is as sweet as his name (case 0147).
  • Treble, a 4-week-old black-and-white male ASH, will have you walking on sunshine (case 0148).
  • Arrow, a 4-week-old black-and-white male ASH, will have you soaring with the feeling of love (case 0150).
  • Coconut, a 4-week-old tan female ASH, can make any hour feel like happy hour (case 0151).
  • Ash, a 4-week-old gray male ASH, will reignite the fire in your heart (case 0152).
  • Courtney, a 4-week-old grey female ASH, is the best hide-and-seek partner (case 0153).
  • Caruso, a 1-year-old grey-and-white male ASH, is as smooth as butter (case 0157).
  • Binx, a 1-year-old black female ASH, will have you wanting to call in sick (case 0158).

  • Brooklyn, a 1-year-old black female ASH, needs a sight-seeing partner (case 0160).

  • Camilla, an 11-month-old diluted female tabby, specializes in purrs (case 0161).

  • Nala, an 18-month-old gray-and-white female DMH, needs a new Simba to love (case 0162).

  • June, a 1-year-old black female ASH, is looking for her Johnny (case 0178).

  • Autumn, a 6-month-old female calico, will make it feel like it is always summertime (case 0180).

  • Athena, a 3-month-old female calico, is a legend in her own right (case 0181).

  • Rocky, a 3-month-old black/white male ASH, has love that will carry you the toughest times (case 0182).

The Orangeburg SPCA will be limiting the number of people inside its facility at a time. Hours of operation are from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the first and third Saturdays. They are located at 225 Ruf Road and the phone number is 536-3918. Check out available adoptions on the internet at, the interactive website at and Facebook page at Orangeburg SPCA. Email any questions to


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