Photos by T&D Staff Writer Martha Rose Brown show the damage after a powerful storm hit North on Saturday.

Other photos by T&D Correspondent Billy Robinson show disaster response aid to North by United Methodist Volunteers in Mission, which is headed by Robinson. The mission group provided chainsaw work and placed tarps on roofs damaged from this past Saturday’s storm, which brought flooding rains to the already waterlogged region. It also had very high localized winds that toppled many big trees in North, including several on homes and a couple of vehicles.

Jeff Linton, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Columbia, said he doesn’t believe the storm was a tornado.

“Apparently, it was an area of strong showers and storms that moved through and stronger wind must have mixed down,” he said.

He said the downed trees were likely a result of the ground already being saturated by last weekend’s rains and the resulting flooding.

“It usually takes about 60 mile-an-hour wind gusts to down trees but possibly because of the saturated ground, it could have been much less wind that caused the trees to pop,” Linton said. “It’s really difficult to say just how much wind occurred, but that may have well been a large part of why they fell.”

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