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The story of Morgan Aiken — the four Morgan Aikens — has Orangeburg roots.

Morgan Aiken III is the son of Morgan Aiken II (deceased) and Mary B. Aiken (Moorer). Morgan III was born and raised in Orangeburg. He visited more than 30 countries and cities, conducted countless military operations and repeatedly volunteered to participate on community relation projects such as providing food for homeless and home repair services for orphanages in the Pacific rim.

Morgan Aiken III is a war veteran with experience in the Gulf War. After retiring from the military, he founded the corporation Cyber Information Technology (CyIT) Inc. (website: The company primarily provides technology services for the armed forces and federal government agencies.

Morgan III married Tomoko Kato in Hawaii. They have two children: Morgan H. Aiken IIII and Reo K. Aiken.

Morgan IIII was introduced to basketball at an early age. He fell in love with the sport.

Realizing this, his parents kept him involved in numerous basketball programs. He was a natural.

By the time Morgan IIII reached middle school, he could almost jump and touch the 10-foot-high rim. His middle school, Aliamanu Middle School in Hawaii, went two seasons undefeated. And during this time, he continued to participate in community basketball teams, winning even more championships.

However, because of the constant requirement for his father, Morgan Aiken III, to relocate to a new area in support of the military, Morgan IIII spent grades 10-12 at Saint Paul Christian School (Warriors) in Guam.

During his sophomore year, the Warriors went to the second round of the playoffs, with Morgan IIII leading the charge. The team fell short of the championship round.

Morgan IIII was really down because it was the first time he had experienced the big stage and losing. He continued training, which included dribbling two basketballs at the same time for hours at time.

The summer prior to his junior year (2010) in high school, he won numerous basketball awards: MVP, top scorer and championships.

During his junior year (2010-11), prior to the start of the basketball season, Morgan IIII was able to dunk the basketball. That was a major milestone for him because of the amount of practice and time that he invested getting ready for the season.

By the start of the season, Morgan IIII was well-known on the Island of Guam. He drew hundreds of fans and spectators. It did not matter what team you represented or if your child was playing against or with him, everyone just enjoyed watching him play with such passion and excitement.

The Warriors believed they could win the title that year. They created the slogan, “One Team One Dream.” And they lived up to it by winning the Interscholastic Athletic Association of Guam (IIAG) High School Boys Championship.

During Morgan IIII’s senior year (2011-12), his team lost in the second round of the playoffs. He was still hungry to succeed in the game of basketball — and returned to the States to play.

After graduating, he played for a year at Eastern University (Division 3) in Pennsylvania. From there, he was looking for more of a challenge and decided to pursue playing for an NCAA Division I school.

He took a year off from college and trained almost every day and all day in hopes of playing at the Division I level. Morgan IIII applied and was accepted at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), where he immediately gained recognition as a talented basketball player.

However, while waiting for his transcripts and prior to the start of the UTEP season, he was contacted by a professional basketball recruiter in Japan.

After careful consideration and family discussions, a collective decision was made for Morgan IIII to try his hand at professional basketball. This was only the beginning of the challenge.

He had to prove himself all over again. He met the challenge head-on.

As a result of showing his talent for a few months, several teams wanted to sign him to a contract. Morgan IIII made the decision to sign a short-term contract with team “Tokyo Cinq Reves” in Japan.

His decision means he keeps his options open for greater opportunities.

Morgan IIII attributes his success to his family, friends, fans, all of the people he competed with and against, and to his two high school coaches at Saint Paul Christian School: Paul Peneda and Stewart “Stu” Schaefer.

Morgan IIII’s younger brother, Reo K. Aiken, is making a name for himself as a golfer and a basketball player. Reo has won numerous golf tournaments and basketball awards: MVP, top scorer, and a handful of championship.

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