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Clemson-Carolina challenge: How well do you know the rivalry?

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Challenge yourself with this quiz before Clemson and Carolina tough it out on Saturday.

1. What year did the series start?

2. Why did the Carolina/Clemson game get canceled for seven years?

3. In 1965, for the first time ever, Clemson and Carolina found themselves playing for a championship game. What was the championship? Who won?

4. What was Carolina's original mascot?

5. What year was the last "Big Thursday” game played?

6. What year did USC become "The Gamecocks"?

7. What year did Carolina/Clemson end their game with the score of 0-0?

8. The Heisman Trophy was named after what coach?

9. This Carolina player wore the retired number 38 and was a Heisman Award winner.

10. Carolina Municipal Stadium was built in ______? How many fans would it hold?

11. What coach took Clemson to a 11-0 regular season and its first national championship?

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12. What year did Clemson win its first national championship?

13. Which coach led Carolina to its first bowl ever? What year? What bowl?

14. Which coach led Carolina to its first bowl win? What year? What bowl?

15. Who made "THE CATCH" in 1977 to give Clemson the comeback win?

16. What Carolina player hit a "fake home run" to the Clemson crowd and marked his "X" on the tiger paw at midfield?

17. Who coached The Gamecocks during the "BLACK MAGIC" years?

16. Clemson All-American in football and basketball, also named America's Most Versatile Athlete by the Associated Press. Clemson Hall of Famer, and had his jersey retired in both football and basketball.

19. Who was the quarterback for Clemson during the 1981 national championship year?

20. Who scored the first touchdown ever in this long series?

21. Who won the first Clemson-Carolina game that was played on Nov. 12, 1896?

22. The year 1998, Clemson was 2-8 and Carolina 1-9. So why was the goal post torn down after Clemson won the rivalry game?

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23. Why did Carolina and Clemson stop playing on Big Thursday?

24. Who was Carolina's first football coach?

25. Who was Clemson's first football coach? $5 for 5 months


1. 1986

2. Because of a riot. Carolina defeated Clemson 12-6. It was the first victory for Carolina in the "Big Thursday" rivalry since the first game in 1896. A riot took place Friday after the game. As a result of the violence, they cancelled Big Thursday until 1909.

3. ACC title. Carolina. Carolina shared the title with Duke, at least for a few months. Then they were stripped of their crown because of recruiting violations and forced to forfeit their win over Clemson. Frank Howard, however, refused to accept the forfeit, saying, "As far as I'm concerned, the score was 17-16. That's the way it'll stay."

4. Jaguars

5. 1959

6. 1902

7. 1945

8. John Heisman, Head Coach Clemson 1900-03.

9. George Rogers

10. 1934; 17,000

11. Danny Ford

12. 1981-82 Orange Bowl

13. Johnny McMillian; 1945 GatorBowl

14. Brad Scott; 1994 Carquest Bowl

15. Jerry Butler

16. Steve Taneyhill

17. Joe Morrison

18. Banks McFadden

19. Homer Jordan

20. Carolina's N.W. Brooker

21. Carolina won 12-6.

22. After winning 28-19 in Tommy West's final game. The game ended a seven-game winning streak for the road team in the series. This was the second time in Clemson history the goal post was torn down.

23. For 64 years the game was played in Columbia at USC's home field. In 1960 they played in Death Valley for the first time. It was decided that the two teams would start a home-and-home series.

24. W.H. "Dixie" Whaley. Whaley was the first coach ever employed by the SCC (South Carolina College) in 1986.

25. Walter Riggs 1986. Because he played for Auburn and was one of only two people on campus who had ever seen a football prior to 1896.


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