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While jelly may be the perfect accompaniment to peanut butter, I will forever argue that chocolate is a close second. OK, maybe chocolate actually is the best because while there are some things you can make with peanut butter and jelly, you can get your peanut butter and chocolate fix

While there’s no denying that Oreos are perfect all on their own, Nabisco still manages to give us something even better several times a year: flavored Oreos. From questionable flavors, like wasabi, to delightful ones, like birthday cake and peppermint bark, Oreo is always up to something. The newest flavor

Move over, Nesquik. There’s a new chocolate drink mix in town, and Oreo lovers are going to be really happy about it. That’s right: Oreo has released its own drink mix, and just in time for the holiday season. Instagram user @candyhunting first spotted the Oreo Drink Mix at the Midwestern supermarket

For Oreo-lovers, this holiday season just keeps getting better and better. First, news broke that an Oreo Ultimate Dunking Set exists, which means you and your partner in crime can twist, lick and dunk your Oreos without worrying about fallen crumbs or milky fingertips. And now, the Oreo-obsessed vinyl enthusiasts in your life

The most wonderful time of the year is almost here. And if you weren’t already excited enough for the holiday season, Oreo is giving you yet another reason to get in the spirit! The cookie company is launching limited edition Peppermint Bark Oreos just in time for the holiday season.

Just a few months after Oreo turned 106 years old, the makers of America’s favorite cookie are celebrating another milestone birthday — this time for America’s favorite mouse. While there were reports last summer of a birthday cake-flavored Oreo to celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday, details were limited at the time.