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    Dale was 79 years old and he knew he wasn’t going to live forever. There was a time when he did hope to live forever, but after the loss of the love of his life, his wife of 53 years, it seemed he may have changed his mind.

      We all know what a white-tailed deer looks like. Quite frankly, if you see one in the lower 48 states, what you are looking at is an Odocoileus virginianus or Virginia white-tailed, which was named when “discovered” by the first settlers in Jamestown, Virginia, when they figured out what a b…

        Fishing and hunting are popular outdoor activities. Many outdoor enthusiasts engage in angling or hunting so they can have trophies to put up on their walls. Others rely on hunting and fishing for supplemental food sources. Game animals will have to be cleaned and processed properly whether …

        Hunting has been around a long time. According to Britannica, hunting as many know it today began in ancient Greece. Various game were hunted to provide food, fuel and materials to make clothing and blankets.

        Deer hunting begins Monday, Aug. 15, in The T&D Region. Here is a collection of coverage to help you get prepared as well as build the anticipation.

        A year or so ago I met a guy hunting on the property adjacent to a small tract I have in Calhoun County. He was from out of state and per my conversation with him, the landowner he was renting from was really taking advantage of him.

        Results of the 2021 Deer Hunter Survey conducted by the S.C. Department of Natural Resources indicate that the statewide harvest of deer decreased by about 12% in 2021.


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        My hunting buddy Glen Hutto and I have been to quite a few states hunting turkeys. Illinois, Missouri, South Dakota, Kansas, North Carolina, Florida and Georgia have given us many memories ... some good ... some not so good depending on the outfitters we employed.

        The National Wild Turkey Federation is helping fund a new wild turkey research project conducted by Mississippi State University and the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks.

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