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Stopping the slaughter

On Jan. 27, the world will observe the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. The date marks 75 years since the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, Hitler's largest death camp.

A key question facing historians is how could an enlightened society that produced our civilization’s greatest philosophers, poets and composers also produce its most notorious mass murderers?

How could it get millions of ordinary citizens to go along.

Was the Holocaust a peculiarly German phenomenon, or are other enlightened societies capable?

Why are we Americans willing to subsidize unspeakable atrocities in our own factory farms and slaughterhouses?

Jewish Nobel laureate, Isaac Bashevis Singer, concluded that: “To the animals, all people are Nazis.” His message was that we are all capable of oppressing the more vulnerable sentient beings in our midst, frequently without giving it a second thought.


Indeed, our own enlightened society has translated the arbitrary Nazi dictum "the Christian lives, the Jew dies" into an equally arbitrary "the dog lives, the pig dies." Only the victims' names have been changed. The blissful ignorance of death camps and slaughterhouses in our midst remains.

On the long road to end all oppression our very first step must be to drop animals from our menus.

Omar Topaz, Orangeburg

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Pelosi’s career highlight

When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated history will always identify Donald Trump as an impeached president, I took the statement to mean that no matter what the verdict of the Senate trial is, Trump’s record will be stained forever.

I am of the opinion she believed then and to this day continues to believe that the Senate will not convict Trump of “high crimes and misdemeanors,” BUT President Trump, like Andrew Johnson and William Clinton, will carry the impeachment onus forever.

To me, Nancy Pelosi will look upon that fact as the crowning point in her career. What a shame.

Jay Pearson, Orangeburg


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