Expression of patriotism

Being a veteran of World War II and a flag-waving American, my wife Verna and I attended the Veterans Day observance program at Denmark-Olar High school on Monday, Nov. 12. It was held in the gym. This was a class act from start to finish. We were greeted at the door in a professional manner by the principal, Deonia Simmons, and directed to the reserved seating for veterans.

The program followed the traditional format. We were most impressed by the way it was executed. It was concluded by a very inspiring speech by Sgt. Lonnie Hosey, U.S. Marine Corps (retired).

In my lifetime, patriotism was at its highest during and shortly after WWIl because every able-bodied American was involved. Today the all-volunteer service narrows that number greatly and many Americans fail to consciously appreciate our freedom. LISTEN UP AMERICA, FREEDOM IS NOT FREE. Sacrifice dates back to the founding fathers and continues today.

Thank you D-O High School for your patriotic expression of thanks through this fine program.

Samuel A Neeley



Unburying the peace

This poem is submitted as a message for our times:

Let us pray for peace

Peace at home and

Peace around the world

If only we did not inflict on others

What we would not wish done to us

If we could bury hostility and hatred; racism and rancor

Bury jealousy, injustice and vengefulness

Destroy the evildoer's full-time helpers

Rob them of devious schemes, their subtle strategies

Rid ourselves of greed, gall and back-stabbing

Recognize the wolves' disguise

If we could take time to show kindness, compassion

Replace ill-will with goodwill

Take time to love; to encourage; to be

Tolerant of our differences

Such actions could provide opportunity for Positive growth

Each of us can unbury a piece of the PEACE

One by one

One step at a time

The roadmap to peace begins in one's heart

If peace is not rooted in my heart

How can I share it

Whatever is stored in one's heart overflows

Is mirrored in one's actions

PEACEKILLERS are ever on task

Never taking pause or hiatus

Yet God grants freedom

Freedom to choose

We can give in and give up


Rejection weakens, slows and

Disables the ill-intentioned

Rendering them powerless thus

Giving birth to hope and joy but

Complacency never.

Ruth Robinson, Orangeburg

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