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Change at S.C. State

There is ongoing effort by alumni of South Carolina State University (Concerned SCSU Alumni) to effect change there. Efforts include petitioning the governor in numerous letters to him, communiques to the South Carolina Legislative Black Caucus, university board of trustees, alumni and friends of the university.

In the letter to the governor, this was stated:

The best in education requires vision and leadership. And in our (Concerned SCSU Alumni) commitment to that goal, we see that through what is possible at South Carolina State University. This school has made significant contributions to higher education over its operation in the time span of its existence to now.

That record is at risk today. In the U.S., suffering has existed in slavery, post-slavery and even today. Systemic oppression is evident in gap incomes and killing of innocent people. Oppression leads to outrageous behavior as has happened in El Paso, Dayton, and the shooting of unarmed people by police. There is this oppression in Black America as we see in the leadership at South Carolina State University. There needs to be leadership change that has the knowledge in curriculum studies for higher education, the lack of trepidation in moving it forward for the population it serves, as it did in pre-integration.

What we have now at South Carolina State University is leadership that 1) serves a nominal constituency, and 2) reflects in its strategic plan a university without fostering an expansive, multidisciplinary academic experience. South Carolina State University should challenge students to show how the world could be and that starts with the leadership.

We want to work with state leaders in bringing about that change at South Carolina State University.

Porter Bankhead, Washington, D.C. (SCSU alumnus, 1963)

Social Security’s 84th birthday

As a retiree I know how important Social Security is to our community. Social Security helps seniors, persons with disabilities, widows and children who have lost a parent. I don’t know how many people would survive without Social Security.

With Social Security’s 84th birthday coming up on Aug. 14, I get upset when I hear politicians talk about how we should raise the retirement age or cut benefits. Maybe politicians should try and live on just the average Social Security benefit for a month and they would understand why we need to strengthen Social Security, not cut it.

Donna S. Dewitt


South Carolina Alliance for Retired Americans


No need for assault weapons

The NRA and the politicians they own should be very happy right now.

Why? Two massacres were carried out this month with NRA-approved assault rifles. One had an NRA-approved 100-round drum.

Who needs an assault weapon? I think at the top of the list 15 people who are idiots, murderers, cowards, sick in the head, people who can't shoot straight or don't know how to shoot, criminals, people who need the guns to feel like a man, etc.

These weapons are point-and-shoot weapons. They are not aim-and-shoot weapons. If you point and shoot, you may hit the target or may not. You have the same odds to kill some of your neighbors and people a half mile away.

If you know how to aim and shoot, you don't need a weapon capable of rapid fire and holding up to 100 rounds.

James Russell, Cordova


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