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Standing with Houston

The devastation in Houston and across the gulf is heartbreaking. Our condolences to the families and friends who have lost loved ones. Prayers to those who have had to leave the comfort of their homes and seek shelter.

As Hurricane Harvey continues to ravage the region, and cause moments of crisis, we all need to come together. I am asking you to join me and the Orangeburg community in supporting our brothers and sisters in their time of need.

Please donate to the American Red Cross disaster relief fund or any of the local nonprofit organizations, such as Ontime Transport, Calhoun Autoworks and Calhoun County Country Market, that are accepting donations.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner has set up a relief fund to which you may also contribute. Continue to pray for Texas as the flood waters continue. We will stand and be with our fellow Americans every step of the way down to the path of recovery.

Mayor Michael C. Butler, Orangeburg


Dabo needs no bonuses

I was appalled to learn of the cumulative bonuses that Coach Dabo Swinney could receive for doing his job. And I hasten to add, the sort of bonuses in his contract are similar to many other coaches.

I am not anti-big coaching bucks, and I certainly am not anti-Dabo. I simply feel that the enormous amounts of money paid to coaches, in general, should be enough incentive to strive to win every game.

Does Dabo really need monetary incentives to appear in the ACC Championship playoff? Does he really need monetary incentives to appear in and win the ACC championship game?

Does he really need a monetary incentive for an 8-plus regular season win? Does he need a monetary incentive to lead his team to appear in the College Football Playoff? Does he need a monetary incentive to win every game up to and including the national championship?

I am certain that his answer to each question would be an emphatic NO!

If a coach at any level is not committed to winning every game, that coach should not be given a contract.

Shouldn't a lucrative salary with an extended contract be incentive enough to win every game a team plays.

Jay Pearson, Orangeburg

Council monopoly must go

The price of the Democratic monopoly's control of Orangeburg County Council for a quarter century continues to pile up.

Of the six current members of the County Council, at least five have been in their seats since the monopoly began after the 1994 election. They have led policies of tax-and-spend that have allowed this area to fade while the rest of the region around them is growing.

For the past few cycles, the monopoly (also known as the Swamp in President Donald Trump's language) has listed a pork-barrel list of goodies to encourage locals to support tax hikes every seven years in order to allow voters to support council members' want lists of spending projects. There seems to be little (if any) virtue for most of the pork-barrel projects, but with a lack of information and a campaign by the Democratic Party and their operatives at the South Carolina Progressive Network, these projects never lose because the locals are never informed of the truth.

The business licence ordinance includes policies the left can use to target political or business opponents with the denial of business licenses. For example, should Obamacare be repealed, and doctors be allowed to own their own hospitals, County Council can deny a business licence to doctors who wish to own their own hospital. The same can happen to private ambulances in order to advance the county EMS.

If a political opponent of the current political machine scares them, they can deny a licence for the sole purpose of making a political statement -- something that is against the principles of this nation.

What happened at County Council was a corrupt way to advance the monopoly government, take down political opponents with new regulations, and do it hidden around emotionalism. This licence must be repealed, and with the same group controlling the County Council for nearly a quarter century, Trump's phrase fits perfectly with the corruption: It's time to Drain the Swamp.

The logic of this council is lost. The entire county is in a decline -- this as neighboring areas such as Berkeley and Lexington are growing. Why do you want to saddle us with such regulations that prevent any growth? This government monopoly for nearly a quarter century must be taken down since it has caused the area's decline.

Hou-Yin Chang, Orangeburg




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