Honor Nance at Hillcrest

In a guest editorial in The Times and Democrat on Jan. 17, 1998, “S.C. State deserves special recognition for Hillcrest land,” I wrote that it was a great vision of the late Dr. M. Maceo Nance Jr., president emeritus of South Carolina State University, to create a recreation facility from (the college property – the school of agriculture fields).

The objective was a place where all citizens of Orangeburg can come together in the spirit of harmony, good will and friendship, thus enjoying the social interaction that Orangeburg needed. I added that it was Nance who created the golf course next to the Hillcrest fields where many participants enjoy the game, especially when the weather cooperates.

Even the city took my recommendation to redesign the two signs at the entrance of Highway 601 and Old St. Matthews Road by putting two logos – one for the City of Orangeburg and one for S.C. State University.

To me, that was not enough to give Nance and S.C. State their full recognition. For 2018, my suggestion is that we change the name of Hillcrest Recreation Facility to Dr. M. Maceo Nance Jr. Park.

Finally, I am certain that only a few people in Orangeburg know that the university is leasing the property to the city for $1 annually and S.C. State still owns the property.

Abe Salama, Orangeburg

Walk Like MADD vs. DUI

Once again this year my agency and I have registered a team with the Walk Like MADD event that will be held April 14 at the S.C. Criminal Justice Academy in Columba. I’m asking for your support in one of two ways: Register your own team to walk and raise funds for MADD or help support our team by making a modest donation of $25 or more using the link below and also sharing the link with your contacts so they may make a donation too. Over the past three years, Team Tri-County has raised approximately $4,500 for this event and we’ve set a goal of $1,500 this year.

Drinking and driving is not only an issue that I work with professionally, it is one that has affected me personally as I’m sure it has each of you in some way. For me, I have had both a family member and a friend who have killed someone while drinking and driving. In addition, I have had friends and co-workers who have lost a family member as a result of someone else’s drinking and driving. In all of those cases, it’s been devastating for the families involved.

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Mike Dennis

Executive Director

Tri-County Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse


Minorities don't participate enough

People work to retire one day. Retirement is something that is planned from the start of your employment to provide a relaxing adulthood. Retirement is a time where you can reward yourself for the longevity of your work life.

Every person deserves the opportunity for a decent retirement. For most full-time jobs, there are financial plans for the day you leave work for good.

However, in our congressional and U.S. senatorial offices in South Carolina, minorities who were on staff for a congressman or senator have yet to retire. Additionally, there hasn’t been a staffer in our S.C. Statehouse who has received pension from serving under a legislator for an entire career.

This glaring discrepancy can be attributed to a lack of motivation for public service in minorities. Less than half of the population is voting in South Carolina and we have a lesser proportion of our population that is represented politically.

Some may say minorities are more conservative from not working in the public sector adequately in relation to our population, but the voting results do not show this and our retirement plans aren’t as mature as are those of other races in general. Minorities need to value the world’s best democracy more by participating more in politics and working to give a better adulthood to themselves.

Jordan Cooper, Summerville

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