Help needed for dangerous road

Countless calls and emails have resulted in no action regarding our dangerous dirt road. Whenever it rains, our road becomes an obstacle course and safety hazard for the residents on Creek Mill Drive.

V Road gets so washed out that it is virtually not drivable. The county has done little to no maintenance on one particular section of road after numerous complaints. I'm reaching out for help in making it a priority to the county of Orangeburg.

Tasha Hott, Orangeburg

No vote for George Washington

On the news I heard President Donald Trump say if he could bring George Washington back, the Democrats would not vote for him. Trump and his cohorts definitely would. He was their type of man, but with one exception: George Washington wasn't a coward.

Old George Washington was a racist and slave owner. He issued many orders to have the real Americans removed or murdered to steal their lands and wealth.

Personally I don't know any Democrats or Republicans that would vote for him.

James Russell, Cordova

Best politicians ‘Citizens United’ buys

With the Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation proceedings, we are seeing the result of the past Supreme Court’s ruling on the “Citizens United” case that allowed unlimited campaign contributions. We have politicians that are beholding to those that paid to put them into office. This was not something that the court should have been allowed to decide. It’s not something specifically mentioned in our Constitution or a dispute between states. This should have been decided by ALL Americans with a regular election’s ballot question.

Watching this new court nomination hearing, we all knew the outcome. After all, the Republicans who are the greatest recipients of large corporate donations had their orders to confirm Kavanaugh at all costs. How sad it is that our politicians don’t represent Americans anymore, but pay back their debts to their financiers. Only one Republican who is quitting this system had the guts to consider America first and do what was right, within the confines of his own political party. We recall that just about a year ago one other Republican reaching the end of his political career also did the right thing in trying to stop his party’s wholesale elimination of health care for the majority of those less financially gifted.

It’s a shame that it takes one seeing the end of their political careers to care about his country first over the political party that helps them to get and keep these jobs. This is a prime reason for political office term limits just as the president of the United States and governors have.

If we’re a democracy, there should be more direct voting power allowed to the citizens on regular electoral ballots. We should be able to recall any elected official for any reason.

Watch closely how this Republican president’s controlled FBI is allowed to conduct this deeper investigation into legitimate allegations against his selected Supreme Court nominee, and the final vote in the Senate by Republicans. The president has already tweeted that this candidate will be on the Supreme Court. Their minds are made up, don’t bother with facts, as the Republican lawyer committee members repeatedly stated that this wasn’t needed (or wanted?). Any FBI interviews with Kavanaugh or others need to be done with a polygraph (lie detector) just as Dr. Ford did, otherwise it will be as useless as the lawyer-prepared voluntary statements already submitted, and the sham will continue.

David Hutchens, Lexington

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