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Worst road in the state

I am writing to voice my opinion about our failing highways in the local Orangeburg area. I purchased a home in Neeses about a month ago and travel Highway 4, which is the Neeses Highway, to get to my home.

This road has to be the worst road in the state! The potholes are so severe and deep that you have to dodge them or you will eventually have vehicle damage.

It is almost to the point where I am going to travel an alternate route to and from home. Our state officials need to get on top of these problem roadways ASAP. With the gas tax money, there should be road paving going on somewhere in our county.

Coy Ott, Neeses

Bernie Sanders is not real threat

Bruce Yandle joins a growing list of T&D-supported advocates warning of the dangers of Bernie Sanders and, with him, socialism in America. I would like to think of this as simple ignorance but it really comes across as lying to the American people.

What Sanders advocates is not socialism per se, but rather support for social programs. I think The T&D and its contributors know that at no time has Sanders advocated for any of the main tenets we most associate with socialism/communism: State control of the means of production; a one-party state; and a gross denial of basic human freedoms.

Therefore, they are not misrepresenting Sanders; they are slandering him. Maybe Sanders should follow up on Donald ('call me Benito!') Trump's Sirens-like call and sue the press when it gets things wrong.

Yandle, like so many of today's "conservatives," issues warnings of creeping socialism. The danger, in fact, comes from the authoritarian right, led by Trump, the Republican-controlled Senate and far-right extremists (in 2018, ALL extremist murders in the United States were carried out by right-wing extremists.). But Yandle and company insist the real danger comes from the left, to which one can only reply with a Joe Biden-type reply: horse feathers!

The irony is that Sanders needs capitalism: what other economic system is going to provide the resources to pay for his admittedly grandiose social programs? On the other hand, capitalism needs social programs to smooth over the consequences of its tendency to devour the environment and neglect the sometime negative impact it has on the lives of real human beings.

In summary, social programs are not the same thing as socialism; Sanders is no communist-style socialist; and the real danger to America is emanating not from the left but from the right, as conservatism continues to go Fascist Light. Now, have a good day.

Francis Thomas Poldiak, Marlborough, Mass. (formerly of Denmark)

Long, hard road to victory

I’ve heard somewhere, “that G-d made idiots, that was for practice.” Our delightful friends with CNN with a cast of intriguing people just keep multiplying by the day. I tend to wonder, at times, if their union dues have been paid or if they may have gone rogue.

How does an “anchor” try to disgrace a sitting president by telling the public that he couldn’t find Ukraine with a map, drawing or an actual "crane"? Donnie, Rickie, Rajahart along with their friends began laughing, tearing up trying to bring the house down on national TV.

Rickie’s Southern drawl, I’m sure, offended many a Southern folk. I found it quite apparent that respect, regardless of party affiliation was never even a consideration. Good manners with a smile, talking about family, crop production along with great coffees at the barber shop have always been a major part of Southern hospitality.

Donnie was asked about scandals during Mr. Obama’s Tour. Quoting Donnie, “There weren’t any.” Ms. Hillary’s missing e-mails, not lifting a hand to help our ambassador and Marines that were murdered? Ms. Hillary’s answers were enough already.

President Donald Trump has helped lower unemployment to its lowest, put people back to work, brought some jobs back to the U.S, worked with China to compromise on tariffs, tightened immigration policies and convinced companies to begin tech programs to fill highly skilled positions.

Our nation has rallied itself through worse and we are here. Our goal is to keep our people working with pride and become a net exporter again. This will take years. I believe the founding fathers knew that we would make more progress long after.

Please don’t even compare Trump’s education to Donnie. Brooklyn College was and still is a great school. Many of my friends are graduates from the “Halls of Flatbush,” including my father.

Please understand that tobacco road is a long road and a hard road. If we focus, we will win.

Geoffrey R. Fine, Cope

Outpouring of love

Kudos to Dawn Staley for the encouragement she gave to Shawn Campbell Kiser at halftime of the Carolina-Texas A&M game.

Dawn’s hospital visit to Shawn served as an outpouring of love. She urged Shawn to join her in a walk down the basketball court as a means of demonstrating that she had the innermost ability to overcome the tragic boating accident in which she lost her right leg.

Jay Pearson, Orangeburg



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