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Pandemic reading list

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, many of us are forced to stay at home, giving us more time to do some of those things we may have been putting off due to busy schedules. One of those things could be reading some good books. Many reading lists have been published by various interest groups regarding many different subjects.

Because of the recent events surrounding the murder of George Floyd, I wish to recommend another reading list. Of course, it is not complete, but hopefully long enough to evoke some serious thought. My list is "Three Books And A Letter.”

1. "Walking With The Wind,” by Congressman John Lewis — an in-depth history of the Civil Rights Movement written by an ultimate insider.

2. "Unexplained Courage,” by Richard Gergel, a U.S. District judge — '"The Blinding of Sgt. Isaac Woodard And The Awakening of President Harry S. Truman and Judge J. Waties Waring.” The facts about an event that took place in Batesburg.

3. "Letter From Birmingham Jail,” by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. -- a call to action to all people of good will.

4. “The Holy Bible,” by God.

All four books contain accounts of similar events such as robbery, killings, uprising, protests, prejudices and racial struggles. However, only one identifies the source and cause of the events discussed. Only one has the answers. Careful reading of and learning from that one will lead us to answers sorely needed by our communities, cities, states, country and the world.

Henry A. Dyson, Orangeburg

Council should not decide on statue

Have people lost their minds? They are wanting to remove history and heritage as if they never existed.

I am a 64-year-old white male who has lived in Orangeburg all of my life. I will take a stand to defend the statue and any other symbols that they want taken down.

We as citizens pay our taxes and have a right to be heard and City Council should not have the say on whether to remove the Confederate memorial statue from downtown. I will stand my ground along with others and defend our history and heritage.

We cannot and will not stand around like the other cities and states have done. We will hold tight and not let a few destroy Orangeburg.

Wesley Patrick, Bamberg

No blinders in my world

Response to Jay Pearson's column, "The Creator of Everything," April 23: Why would anyone take such offense to another man's opinion? As far as being an atheist or agnostic, why should this be a bother to you, your friend and family alike? Our nation was created to practice one's own beliefs for themselves and not what you or your ilk think.

I do admit that one can become so wound up with his own outlook that it can become your way or the highway. Has the "Good Lord" ever had a face-to-face with you and yours?

Your facts regarding Earth speeds -- etc. -- we agree on. Man proved these facts to be true. You wish to call this a God is OK by any standards, but to blame the son of a former president for his beliefs is obtuse and jaded. Because I may call God a "Spirit from Within," you will now blend me into all the above mentioned with no credence in this matter?

Mr. Pearson, I do respect your opinion, your proven factual listings as given. Most of our opinions are based from our varied backgrounds. We should all feel blessed that no one will wake us up at 3 a.m., place us under arrest, and throw us in jail never to be heard from again. You say, "It can't happen here." Ever read Arrow Smith or Agenda #21, The Omega Man, 1984? I find quite certain that you are aware. Blinders do not exist in my world. We must always continue to fight for our beliefs. "Cast system" thinking is over, sir.

Geoffrey Fine, Orangeburg



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