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Cutting in line for vaccine

In reference to your article regarding the City of Orangeburg getting ready for vaccinations: How are sanitation works and Department of Public Utilities workers getting vaccinations? They do not meet S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control guidelines.

It's the same as the Regional Medical Center vaccinating boards members that are not health care providers (see pictures in The T&D). They were getting shots prior to the change to allow those 70 and older to the coronavirus vaccine. Taxpayers are getting tired of people cutting in line.

Barbara Marlow, Santee

Front desk is front line

Never in the news coverage during this COVID-19 pandemic do you read about or see the services of the front-line essential workers at the front desk. These people sign in and keep clients comfortable while they wait for their scheduled appointment. They answer questions from walk-ins seeking or wanting immediate services. Not an easy task when servicing the mental health community at large.

Working in the mental health field as a front-desk assistance, front-desk receptionist or PT advocate during this pandemic can be busy and almost equivalent to the emergency room.

In your next news coverage on the essential workers during this awful pandemic, do recognize the front-desk (door) employees handling individuals coming through the front door for their physical or mental needs.

Carol Highsmith, Orangeburg

S.C. needs right to recall

I am writing you to urge your readers to email their state representatives to encourage them to support Bill H.3256. This bill would enable South Carolinians the ability to recall our elected leaders if we believe that they have not represented our will.

The ability to recall should be a fundamental right for us since we live in a representative form of government. Our state and local elected officials are not supposed to vote based on their own self interest or understanding. They are supposed to vote based on what they believe to be the will of their electorate.

South Carolina elected Donald Trump as our president and the majority of us believe that our votes were not honored and that the election system was rigged and fraudulent. Rather than allow evidence to be submitted so that the people could determine if this was in fact the case, our senators and some members of our House voted against the objection to the electors.

This was a sad day for America as it did not promote transparency. If our votes are not sacrosanct, we have lost our great republic. We stand for the legitimacy of our vote and if our elected officials don’t, we need a method of recourse.

We urge all South Carolinians to email their local legislators today and ask them to bring Bill H.3256 to a Judiciary subcommittee hearing as soon as possible.

Laura Scharr, Columbia



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