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Trash sites are substandard

Being a frequent user of the Orangeburg County trash collection site on Ruff Road next to the ASPCA, I find it absolutely ridiculous these sites are not maintained to a higher standard than what has existed there for years.

The entrance and exit to the site are constantly covered with potholes, which are rarely repaired. And when they are filled, it is a poor job of doing so that may last for a week or less due to high traffic volume.

Recycling, as was mentioned months ago in an editorial, does not exist, although signs are posted that it does.

The work stations, also mentioned months ago by an Orangeburg physician in an editorial, are basically poorly constructed shacks without insulation or climate control. And they are deteriorating.

The employees of Orangeburg County who work at these facilities are subjected to 100-plus-degree temperatures without any relief on site. That is basically inhumane treatment by their employer due to the substandard condition of these sites, which the county apparently deems sufficient.

If our new Orangeburg County Council members would each be required to work one 8-hour shift at these sites, I'm confident there would be changes.

The taxpayers of Orangeburg County who use these sites and the employees who work there deserve much more than this and hopefully our new County Council members will agree.

Bob Myers, Orangeburg

Keep kids home! Stop the spread

Dear South Carolina parents of our youth and young adults ages 16 to 24: If you pay their rent, cost of living or they are under your roof, let me be the first to inform you: You do have control and their actions can be controlled by you if they want to maintain the above luxuries you provide.

Hence, you are responsible for their actions! In March, our children were sent home from physically attending K-12 and college campuses’ for a reason. If you are clueless to that reason, oh my!

To recap, keep your kids home unless essential departure is needed and then teach them to participate in our country's motto: "Stop the spread."

Our young adults are the problem now and they are aiding in the death toll of our state residents. Should our state government start tethering children to their parents to stop the spread and initiate parent responsibility?

Laurie Weatherford, Holly Hill

Not chained to agendas

I would like to announce my candidacy for state House of Representatives, District 93. This district covers Calhoun County and portions of Lexington and Orangeburg counties. I will be running as an independent write-in candidate.

I am not a Democrat or a Republican, and therefore am not chained to their party agendas. I will do the right thing for South Carolina without approval or marching orders from a party establishment. To find out more about me or my campaign, please visit my website at, or my Facebook page.

Brian Merrill, North



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