911 dispatchers deserve recognition

This week is special for 911 dispatchers: National Telecommunicators Week.

Our emergency dispatchers are local hometown heroes who are rarely recognized. It is not a job they do for that reason, but because they care.

They are the voice of a face that most will never see. These unheard men and women are due appreciation and recognition.

-- Christyna Whisenhunt, St. Matthews

Haley has become 'neocon'

Nikki Haley has a history of, shall we say, “political flexibility,” not unlike that of her neoconservative ally Lindsay Graham. Both are accomplished “press hounds” by anyone’s standards, but Haley was first elected as a solid right-winger with Sarah Palin’s support. However, she exploited a tragic church shooting in 2015 by a homicidal maniac to recast herself as a neoconservative.

Like many Democrats and “converted” Republicans who blame the recent Florida shootings on the NRA, Haley has moved left. She joined Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson on the Statehouse steps to condemn her former allies.

Basking in the national press’s approbation, Haley furthered her betrayal, defying a state prohibition against refugee resettlement. She instructed the state Department of Social Services to support the Obama administration’s program after the affected counties voted against resettlement, per the legislature’s requirements in its 2015 Appropriations Bill.

In 2016, determined to sway the presidential primary away from Trump, Haley compared Trump’s immigration rhetoric to the KKK and Dylan Roof. Fortunately for her, Trump made a deal with the lieutenant governor to appoint her U.N. ambassador so McMaster could be governor.

Not satisfied with expanding wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Haley has now chosen to blame the Russian, Syrian and Iranian governments for sarin gas attacks against Syrian civilians. In an AP article dated Feb. 2, Secretary of Defense James Mattis stated that the U.S. has no evidence of culpability against her accused countries.

Promoted by Graham, McCain and other “neocons,” Haley’s hawkish campaign is beginning to resemble the “WMD” report that justified the Iraq war. Trump would be well advised, albeit belatedly, to acquaint himself with her history of self-promotion and disloyalty.

-- Richard Hines, Mayesville

Immunizations are vital

Religion is not only sacred but very personal. Because of this, parents have the right to decide if their children can get immunization shots for basic illnesses.

I have no right to say to I think they're making a huge mistake but I am. We aren't living in a country where every person believes in the same things. However, we believe in good health care.

I don't know how bad the problem is in Orangeburg County, but I am fully aware it exists. And no amount of lectures from health care professionals, family and friends can change their minds.

My question is simple. If your child gets the measles, mumps, chicken pox etc., what recourse will you take? If other children get it, are you willing to take the responsibility? Do you plan to take your child to the coctor for an initial prognosis? Will you administer medicine for fever or anything related to these illnesses? And lastly, if your child should die as a result of your decision, are you prepared to do jail time should you be found negligent of homicide?

Children are our greatest asset. Whether you gave birth, adopted, taught or have the opportunity to be in their company, it's truly a blessing. Children have no advocate greater than you. Be the parents needed and listen to what the doctor has to say before you say no.

Ruth Williams, Bronx, N.Y.

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