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SCSU has leadership problem

Several historically Black colleges and universities have received funding from Netflix and the ex-wife of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Netflix gave $120 million to Spellman College, Morehouse College and the United Negro College Fund, $40 million to each university. Humanitarian and philanthropist Mackensie Scott gave $160 million to Hampton University, Howard University, Morehouse College, Spellman College, Tuskegee University ($20 million) and Xavier University ($20 million). No money was given to South Carolina State University.

Leadership and programming at these universities are what attracts good will for assisting in helping flatten the curve of disparities in the country like income, unemployment, justice and equality. We recommended to the South Carolina State University Board of Trustees one top administrator, Dr. David Thomas, for the presidency of that university. The BOT gave no consideration to Thomas. Subsequently, Morehouse aggressively pursued Thomas, offering him the position of president, which he accepted.

Thomas is the type leader needed at South Carolina State University. Funding is key to the full resurgence of the university in bringing about the curricula that attracts students and funds scholarships. My meetings with Thomas on behalf of South Carolina State University were part of our (Concerned SCSU Alumni) efforts at leadership continuance after the departure of Charles Way.

It is urgent that the South Carolina State University academic program be raised to qualify for humanitarian funding as that cited above. Leadership is essential to reaching out to these funding sources and demonstrating the worthiness of the university’s programs.

Porter Bankhead, Washington, D.C.

1963 alumnus, South Carolina State

View from 3 veterans

Here is the combined thinking of three veterans: Orangeburg residents Jay Pearson, Ken Stovall and Robbie Fulmer.

It is our purpose to present a variety of thoughts and conjecture that, hopefully, will cause others to reflect on our comments and questions.

President Donald Trump’s policy of hiring American and buying American is praiseworthy. A recent example was to issue an executive order requiring TVA to stop outsourcing 120 IT jobs to foreign companies. He also expressed concern about the salary of the TVA CEO, which is $980,000. He happens to be the highest paid government employee and that salary does not include perks. We congratulate the president.

We are concerned that most Americans do not understand what socialism is.

We firmly believe the wall on our southern border should be built, post haste.

We maintain that mail-in ballots are extremely susceptible to voter fraud and should not be used in the forthcoming presidential election. Further, those who cannot travel to their polling place should request an absentee ballot.

The executive branch is big business and has in excess of 4 million employees. We believe a businessman who has enterprises throughout the world is more capable of leading the executive branch than an individual who has been in the employ of the government for 40-plus years.

The three of us disagree emphatically with House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler when he said it was "bunk" to say the Portland protests were under the control of antifa.

For years Leo Terrell was an arch enemy of Trump. He now proudly proclaims to be a Trump supporter.

The appearance of AG Barr before Nadler’s committee was a nothing but a scam. The Democrat members would not allow the Attorney General to respond because they continually reclaimed their time.

We were ecstatic to learn that President Trump’s insistence that the European Union ante up 2% of their GDP has hit paydirt. Long past due.

Hopefully most Americans are pleased with the buildup and modernization of our armed forces.

We are of the opinion that many in the white and Black communities believe Black Lives Matter is doing little to reduce black-on-black crime.

We find it abhorrent to call federal law enforcers storm troopers and the gestapo when they confront looters, anarchists and rioters.

Hopefully our efforts will spark comments -- positive as well as negative. We are desirous of offering our opinions on other matters in the future.


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