S.C. should hike minimum wage

Raising the minimum wage has been the topic of discussion in many states. Some have raised the rate up to $10 or $15 in recent years.

Not in South Carolina, where the rate remains $7.25. No discussion of raising the minimum wage on a continuous basis in South Carolina means areas such as Orangeburg, Bowman or North are left open to negative effects such high poverty levels, high turnover rates and low performance from workers on the job.

Based on different surveys, there is a lot of evidence that many residents in South Carolina, and agencies such as the U.S. Department of Labor and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, support having higher wages when it comes to pay or through fringe benefits.

Different political representatives have supported raising the minimum wage in South Carolina, including 6th District Congressman Jim Clyburn and Orangeburg state Rep. Gilda Cobb-Hunter. But there will need to be proactive action from both residents and government representatives working together to ensure that raises are approved statewide to improve our state’s economy.

With enough petitioned support, voters in future elections could potentially decide yes or no on ballot questions for a higher state minimum wage.

Lashaun Tucker, Orangeburg

‘Go get ‘em, Maxine’

Recently there has been a bit of controversy raised over Rep. Maxine Waters’ statement urging people to publicly confront Trump administration officials over this and that policy. Obviously, this represents one more sad sign of the decline in civility throughout the United States and as such, I have stood in opposition to it.

Then I read that in order to squelch a World Health Organization resolution in support of breastfeeding, Trump officials threatened the military and economic security of the measure's first sponsor, Ecuador. Let me repeat that: In order to squelch a WHO resolution in support of mothers breastfeeding their babies, Trump officials threatened the military and economic wellbeing of the measure's first sponsor, Ecuador -- causing that nation, in fear for its own safety, to decline to sponsor the measure.

Several other nations were considered as sponsors, but out of fear of the United States, declined. Finally, and somewhat ironically, Russia stepped up and sponsored the measure. No talk from Trump officials threatening Russia -- too big and as we all know. Bullies only prey on the weak.

Corporate interests (companies that produce formula) are so strong in this country that it has come to this. There is something wrong with American capitalism and something wrong with our political system, which is owned by Big Money.

But back to my opening. Trump officials capable of pulling stunts like this get a free ride to enjoy themselves in the company of an American public that they are embarrassing. Go get 'em, Maxine. Go get 'em.

Francis Thomas Poldiak, Erie, Illinois (formerly of Denmark)

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