The T&D should not be target

Kudos to the editorial staff of The T&D for printing the late Harry Dent’s adaption entitled “Reconnecting with founding fathers’ God."

I found this to be very uplifting for it served as a reminder of America’s greatness ... how during World War II we Americans sacrificed blood and treasure when we allied with other nations to crush the “isms” of man. He also cautioned that our new prosperity and power caused many to worship “the things and ways of the world” and reminded us that many who profess God lack commitment. I believe, regrettably, that this admonishment is even truer today.

I also wish to comment a recent letter submitted by Nelson Thompson of Myrtle Beach. I agree wholeheartedly with the conclusion that Mr. Thompson found the Fourth of July celebration to be uplifting and unifying. I, too, felt even more grateful and proud to call myself an American.

The non-political speech given by President Donald Trump was, in a word, SUPER. The display of precision flying by the Coast Guard, Air Force, Army, Marines and the Blue Angels were sights to see and provided many a first-time look at some of our flying “machines."

Thompson goes on to berate The T&D reporting of the July 4th celebrations by The Associated Press as sorry journalism. I have to remind him that his angst should be directed to The Associated Press rather than The T&D.

Further, there is no evidence that The T&D supported the AP’s conclusions. While I found the AP conclusions to be grossly in error and took exception to most statements, I think it is the duty of our local paper to show the diversity and political inclinations of The Associated Press so the reader can judge from whence their conclusions come.

It seems to me that opinion should be confined to the editorial page and facts should be reported without any particular slant.

I can state unequivocally that in my opinion The T&D has no reason to be embarrassed or ashamed for printing the AP article.

Jay Pearson, Orangeburg

Trump even not news

Your editorial about news coverage was weak, at best. You failed to mention that special seats for the event were given to Trump campaign contributors.

President Donald Trump's military "salute" was nothing more than a campaign event -- NOT NEWS!

Rick Mason, Orangeburg


'Road to Recovery': Help needed

This letter is directed to the good folks of Orangeburg County. The American Cancer Society is sponsoring a new program called "The Road To Recovery." The aim of the program is to provide transportation to treatment for cancer patients who may be otherwise unable to make their medical appointments.

At the moment I'm the only person in Orangeburg volunteering to provide this service, and I sure could use a hand. It's a big county and a lot of people need help. I've found the people in need of the service to be very grateful for the help, and it is rewarding in its own right.

One of the things I've enjoyed is there is very little paperwork or bureaucracy involved. Orangeburg is a better place when neighbors help neighbors and become involved in the community. You can reach the "Road to Recovery" program at 1-800-227-2345.

Bill Lutz, Elloree

CCMO grateful for assistance

Cooperative Church Ministries of Orangeburg (CCMO) is an outreach ministry in the local area, offering emergency assistance including food, clothing, household goods and limited assistance with utilities. We have been serving the needy since 1988 and, with the support of the community, we pray to continue for many years to come.

We wish to thank the U.S. Post Office and the Orangeburg community for their generous support for the 2019 Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive on May 11. Your donations enable us to help those in need. From Barbara Troy, executive director, board members and volunteers, we are grateful.

The Rev. Linda Dunn, Orangeburg


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