Wrong information about center

I am writing in reference to the Friday, Nov. 2, article in The Times and Democrat in which there were unfounded accusations of someone stealing a sign from the Edisto Drive Community Center.

It is true that former Councilman Clyde Livingston had the vision of providing the community a building for use by its members. However, there were many inaccuracies encompassed within the article.

First, the center does not have computers to enable residents to search for jobs. This function in Orangeburg is provided by our local employment office and other organizations with qualified staff to assist persons in need of employment.

Secondly, the center is not utilized as a meeting place for social clubs. During the summer months, volunteers provide remedial assistance to students who are enrolled in the summer feeding program. There is no formalized tutorial program available to area students.

I'm appalled that persons who enumerated programs offered by the center failed to provide accurate information and have not volunteered their personal time to assist the community at any level. Instead, they show up at monthly meetings to complain and cause disruptions and post signs to bring attention to themselves. Did anyone obtain permission to dig holes and place a sign on public property?

Finally, I'm disheartened that a person would continue to capitalize on an unfortunate incident that happened in 1968, The Orangeburg Massacre, to further his own personal agenda as a martyr. The martyrs were my classmate at Wilkinson High School and two other S. C. State students who lost their lives.

I am hopeful that future front page articles in The Times and Democrat would reflect newsworthy information for the general public. Additionally, to accuse someone of stealing a sign is hardly worth making headlines when we have a readership that demands all-encompassing informative reporting of accurate events.

As a result of this article, I am making a Freedom of Information Act request to the county to ascertain pertinent facts regarding the center.

Dr. M. Helen Frazier

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Retired educator/volunteer grant-writer for the center

Hollywood, S.C.

Animals don’t deserve cruelty

We are ashamed by the callous disregard some residents have for our canine friends. My wife and daughter found a struggling 1-week-old, mixed-breed puppy on Highway 301 and the 1400 block of Five Chop Road in Orangeburg on Sept. 23. This poor animal was malnourished and had a low body temperature and was abandoned.

We took her in and got her to the South Carolina Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Care in Columbia. Despite their best efforts, she passed away.

This puppy didn't ask to be born, much less be abandoned. How another human being could do this is beyond us.

If you aren't going to take care of your animals, don't get them.

Robert A. Rendl

Casi M. Soderberg


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