Denmark Tech mission continues

Denmark Technical College is committed to the delivery of quality education at the postsecondary level. Our mission and commitment has not changed in spite of recent reports regarding the future of the college.

To date, the State of South Carolina has not issued any decision or authority to close Denmark Technical College. Therefore, the faculty, staff and administration of the college continue to work daily to support the academic achievement and personal success of our students.

As the college moves forward, applications are being accepted for both summer and fall semesters. Transient students are invited to complete classes for credit transfer to their home institution online, on the main or either of the satellite campuses.

The DTC High School Initiative begins on June 24, allowing high school students to enroll and complete college-level courses to earn credit toward high school and college graduation with the approval of his/her principal. The college has expanded the availability of courses at the Allendale and Barnwell campuses for the summer terms.

Denmark Tech invites members of the Allendale, Barnwell and Bamberg communities and beyond to enroll as students. The DTC Enrollment Management Team is on standby to assist new students with the enrollment process. Faculty advisers and academic counselors are available to assist current and future students with building class schedules; and our financial aid officers will guide your application for aid to help cover the cost of enrollment.

Dr. Angelica Christie, vice president for academic affairs and students services, and I are available to answer questions regarding the state of the college. We are happy to share the most current information available. Please call us, or any member of our enrollment team at 803-793-5176. We are happy to serve you.

Dr. Christopher J. Hal

Interim president

Denmark Technical College

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Nadler’s 180-degree turn

In almost identical scenarios, Rep. Jerry Nadler’s position on the release in 1998 of Ken Starr’s investigation of then-President Bill Clinton and the recently completed Mueller investigation has done a complete about face.

Regarding the complete release of the Starr investigation, Nadler was extremely vocal in urging that complete release should NOT be allowed. His reasons included: "It’s grand jury material and represents statements that may or may not be true; (it) contains salacious material; it contains all kinds of material that would be unfair to release.”

Fast forward to present-day Nadler. As chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, he is pushing hard to have the entire Mueller investigation made public. He wants to include release of grand jury testimony, classsified documents as well as any and all other testimony rendered by witnesses.

Could the reason for this turnabout be that the Starr investigation was about Clinton and the Mueller investigation about Trump?

Jay Pearson, Orangeburg

Citizens deserve to be heard

Thank you for your coverage of Bamberg County Council and the Concerned Citizens of Bamberg on April 1. There are serious issues in Bamberg County and our citizens deserve to be heard with respect and we deserve that the issues be taken seriously.

Sue Clayton, Bamberg

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