Green New Deal essential

Re: “Declaring war on cows?: Green New Deal targets greenhouse gases from livestock” (T&D, Feb. 18):

The GND offers the only realistic plan for getting to zero emissions by 2030. If we don’t make that deadline, runaway global warming will cost us trillions, followed by “global economic collapse,” then “societal collapse,” and, finally, an end to all life on Earth (IPCC, US Climate Assessment report 2018).

Complaining about the Green New Deal is like complaining about life boats on the Titanic. We need this; but it doesn’t have to include a “war on cows.”

Green New Deal’s focus is on swiftly transitioning to renewable energy while creating 6 million to 10 million good-paying green jobs that will be permanent and local (Stanford University’s solutionsproject.org, 50 states, 50 plans.), fixing our economy as well as our climate crisis. That’s why it has “overwhelming support” (81 percent) from voters in both parties (Yale, Monmouth, and George Mason university polls, as reported in “The Hill”).

GND will also use best-farming and grazing practices proven to turn the soil into a massive carbon sink that can actually reverse global warming while ending the destructive industrial-scale factory farms that contribute greatly to our emissions and polluting our land and water. It will make family farms profitable again and encourage sustainable organic farming, and cows can be part of our future if we use this GND emissions drawdown policy.

A bill called “Carbon Dividends” (HR7173), already in Congress, can help pay for the Green New Deal by making the fossil fuel mega-corporations, which knowingly caused the climate crisis (Scientific American), help pay to fix it. “Carbon Dividends” will tax them out of existence and give all that money to the taxpayers.

It’s worked in Canada for a decade; “Canada passed a carbon tax that will give most Canadians more money” (The Guardian) No government regulations, expenditures or expansion, no cost to taxpayers or consumers, an increase of $75-80 billion annually in our GDP (REMI), and the power to make other nations cut their emissions as fast as we do.

See how “Carbon Dividends” work at citizensclimatelobby.org.

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Pete Kuntz, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Anti-American collaboration

We are witnessing the fall, or groundwork for future fall, of America as it was created. We’re following the same paths as Rome, Germany, Italy, and so many other so-called “democracies” under dictatorial leaders and their supporters. “Bad things happen when good people do nothing” -- or the wrong things.

Our country, created in the time of kings, was based on its citizens having control of their lives unheard of from whence they came. It was based on shedding the dictatorial powers of their kings and other “noble” leaders, replacing it with the power of each citizen “created equal.” We like to call this democracy. In order to ensure the citizens rights were not usurped by any corruptible governmental force, our founding fathers created this country with equal separation of powers working together in a “checks and balances” system. This is now being destroyed, but only by the collaboration of others.

We now have a president whose goal it is to have his will be unquestioned by those he wishes to rule. The fact that he’s supposed to work with the other two equal branches of government, Congress and the courts, is not a disputable inconvenience as he believes. We guarantee that no one man or group becomes a de facto king or dictator only by these separated powers working together, having to negotiate and settle on what’s best for our country. You don’t go around this to impose your will. There is no better way for all of our opinions to be meshed into a governmental policy than this system to insure our continued democracy.

The 2016 election was about electing a president to work within the framework of our country, not a dictator to change it. The 2018 election was about returning this power back to the citizens of this country as they saw it being taken away. The results of these two elections represent equal authority and must be heeded for future governmental decisions.

How many more billions of dollars are our leaders wastefully willing to take out of citizens' pockets due to their own narrow minded-individual ambitions?

Perhaps the wrong people are making these decisions with some having been in a position to do so for far too long also.

David Hutchens, Lexington

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