Children and golf carts don't mix

Recently I witnessed a child driving a golf cart up and down our road, a paved public highway I might add. Then the worst happened. The child lost control of the cart and ran into the crime watch sign and nearly turned the cart over.

Thankfully the child was not hurt!

But as usual, they fled the scene of property damage. I walked over to take pictures of the sign only to be confronted by and outraged mother using profane language and threatening me with bodily harm if I called the sheriff's office. Then to top it off, the father showed up as well.

I still reported the accident.

Facts are that most do not realize you cannot operate a golf cart on public highways unless you are 16 years or older, with a valid driver's license, the cart is insured and has a permit issued to you by the Department of Motor Vehicles. It can only be operated on highways that have a posted speed zone of 35 or less and only during daylight hours.

This time this child got lucky, but unless the parents step up, their will be a next time and I'm afraid the outcome could result in more serious results.

As a former officer, I have seen more accidents than I care to talk about, but the ones with children will never leave you. Obey the law, protect your child, be a parent and stop having everyone else parenting your children. Just my thoughts.

Thomas Tuttle, Orangeburg

Call to action for DTC

From what I understand there have been and are some ongoing challenges at Denmark Technical College. But the challenges, in my opinion (and in the opinion of countless others), are not irreparable.

At either rate, the state tech board with available resources, with sufficient time, should be able to help DTC. This was the basis or notion for having state tech take charge to begin with.

Less than one year of technical assistance is not long enough to assess, implement and/or explore needed changes. The challenge for DTC students, alumni, friends of the college and "all"concerned others (far and near) is to not be silent in the days and months ahead.

"All" are being urged to get in touch with local and national leaders and voice your concerns ASAP. Terms such as "irreparable" and/or hopelessness must not or should not be a part of anyone or group's focus. My grandmother use to say, "where there is a will, there is a way."

The points that former DTC Commissioner Thomas Williams spelled out in the Wednesday, Feb. 28, editorial section of The T&D need to be looked at and acknowledged by state officials and everyone.

The Rev. Dr. Herman L. Wallace


(member, DTC Advisory Board)

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