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Thanks for 41 years as soil/water ambassador

Dear Soil and Water Board: I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people in Santee, Vance, Pineland and Holly Hill for letting me serve you as your Watershed Director-Soil and Water Ambassador from 1979 to 2021. It was a pleasure and privilege to serve you.

Our drainage systems work well. Financially we are stable. We start 2021 with about $10,000 in our accounts. Grants are also available now. The new people you elected are listed in the Soil and Water Office in Orangeburg. Call there to obtain their names and numbers if you have problems.

As I reflect on these last 41 years as your ambassador, I realize we are so blessed by God to live in this area. We have such fertile fields and thick forests, beautiful streams, lakes and ponds. There is wildlife everywhere. Caring for our water is vital.

I must warn you and caution you to watch the litter. This problem is all ours because we created it and we must be responsible for it. When debris -- plastic bags, bottles, cigarette butts, etc. — is thrown on the ground, it gets washed into storm drains and directly into our waterways. In addition to potentially choking, suffocating or disabling aquatic life like ducks, fish, turtles and birds, litter decreases oxygen levels in the water when it decays. We must always be mindful of what God has given us, this jewel, to take care of.

Thank you again for letting me serve you. May God always bless you, our beautiful county, state and wonderful country.

Lawton Brown, Vance

Courage in introducing gender legislation

We must commend Rep. Cezar McKnight for his moral clarity when he introduced H4047 to the South Carolina House of Representatives. The legislation would prohibit the performance of medical procedures or the prescription of medication that is intended to alter the appearance of a minor’s gender or delay puberty. The bill would provide for criminal penalties for adults found guilty of performing surgeries or supplying medications to minors in violation of this act.

We live in a virtual age where many adults live unauthentically. Unfortunately, many of these inauthentic identities can cause irrevocable harm. While adults may have the authority to mutilate their bodies, to ingest inappropriate hormones and even to spend thousands of dollars in an unwinnable battle against nature and nature’s God, we should not grant this authority to or for minors.

McKnight showed wisdom and courage by introducing this legislation. We can only hope that the representatives of Orangeburg would have the same moral courage by co-sponsoring this bill. After all, we should neither encourage nor support the fashioning of inauthentic men and women.

David Battle, Orangeburg



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