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Standing on racism

Americans made a statement that we are ready to move on from a nation divided to a nation reconciled. But we can't do that because we still have divisive factions in this country that are hell bent on keeping this country divided.

When are we going to realize that this is not 1920, 1930, 1940, 1950 or 1960 America? The forces that were in power during those eras are dwindling, slowly but surely. I listened to people like our senator, Lindsey Graham, who is still spewing out racial rhetoric that has this state in the shape it's in.

South Carolina was the first state to secede from the Union, December 1860, and one of the founding member states of the Confederacy in February 1861, and it appears that it's still in secession. There are people in this state and others (Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, etc.) who believe that they are entitled because of the color of their skin.

And you know what's worse? There are men and women who call themselves believers in Jesus but are standing their ground on racism! How ironic! Jesus said, "A new commandment l give unto you, that ye love one another."

Did I miss something? Did he say to love white people only, and hate black, brown, and yellow people? No, he said we are to love EVERYONE, regardless of skin color, ethnicity or economic status.

Those persons in this country who feel that they are entitled because of their skin color, you are in for a rude awakening. You need to go back and really read the Bible because it tells us the duty we have to one another.

We are "our brother's keeper," and there's no room for doubt. God isn't pleased with us when we harbor hate in our hearts. Do we think that we're going to see him when we die? The Bible tells us, "To be absent from the body, is to be present with the Lord."

How can we be present with him if we can't love all of our brothers and sisters? Please understand that Jesus is not a white man with long flowing hair. He wasn't born in Europe, He was born in Africa, and so you do the math.

There are people in power in this country that have shoved that image down our throats until we worship the image and not the Christ who died and rose for us! It's time out for untruth, we must embrace truth.

Today is a new day, and we must embrace it. If not, we will lose out. I have decided that I’m going to walk on the path of right. Jesus gave his life so that “we might have life and have it to know Christ as Savior." Embrace what he stands for: “Faith, Hope, and Love, and the greatest of these is LOVE."

Ida Damon, Holly Hill

Biting and that feeds you

I have worked for 34 years as an educator and have had all white to all African American students in some of my classes. I have emphasized that to get the job, you have to be the best qualified for it in the employment line.

I have told many classes that you may not like some of the things that have happened in history, but you would rather be told the truth than be lied to.

I realize why so many people don't like the persona presented by Donald Trump as president of the United States. I'm not in love with it myself! However, I do not understand the unbridled hatred of the man.

I would like someone classified as an African American leader to explain it to me. The Trump administration has accomplished a lot for African Americans in this country. However, many of the African American leaders reject the man.

As an educator, I have tried to improve the lives of all of my students. I know I was successful with some and unsuccessful with others. If teaching today, I would have to question the motivation of some African American leaders. In my opinion, this is a clear case of biting the hand that feeds you.

I guess I would not make a good politician!

Albert Watson, Orangeburg



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