Stepping up against litter

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could travel our roadways and enjoy the natural beauty and/or the landscaping? The natural beauty and landscaping are camouflaged by miles and miles of unsightly trash that blankets our roadways.

As we travel, we are likely to see anything that can be tossed out or put out alongside our roadways. Our roadways have become trashways. These trashways can keep businesses and tourists out of our county. We desperately need the businesses and tourists because they enhance our economy and our quality of life.

The only cure for combating litter is the citizens. A few concerned citizens cannot clean up a county that is 1,100 square miles. We need a multitude of volunteers.

Our county's first countywide cleanup for 2019 begins April 13 and ends April 27. It is my heartfelt desire that more businesses and churches will show their support by using their digital marquees to promote a litter-free message.

An example demonstrating support may read:

  • Please Don't Litter
  • Don't Be A Litter Bug
  • Keep Orangeburg Beautiful
  • Love Where You Work/Live.

For more information, call the Orangeburg County Litter Department at 803-533-6162 to register as a volunteer. Volunteers will be given bags, grabbers and vests.

Since we are the cure for combating litter, let us put forth every effort to sustain our county's aesthetics and ensure it remains a warm and welcoming place to live, work, play, learn and worship. Let's keep Orangeburg County beautiful. This is home!

Janie Cooper-Smith

Orangeburg County Council

Change needed in Bamberg County

My wife and I attended this week's Bamberg County Council meeting even though we are not residents of the county. We met some very nice people.

We currently reside in Dorchester County but I am from Charleston. We attended because we wanted to see for ourselves the problems that have been stated within the county.

On conclusion, we were appalled by the utter disrespect that the chairman showed toward the constituency. He chewed and smacked his gum the entire time, rarely looking up and when doing so only to defend his prior actions.

He attempted to prevent the Concerned Citizens of Bamberg County's attorney from addressing council. The attorney admonished the council and gave them a legal and history lesson about the Constitution.

Toward the end of the comments, a couple of citizens asked who among them (council members, administrator and staff) does not pay county taxes and who made the phone call to close the doors. Nothing but silence.

Yes, someone from the council or the administrator attempted to violate the citizens' First Amendments rights to assemble at the meeting. My wife and I walked from a deal for a beautiful property on the outskirts of town last summer because of rumors of this.

Our search continues to bring us back to Bamberg. We’ve found another property we liked but after what we witnessed at this meeting, I’m not sure I want that kind of representation.

If they all were like Councilman Clint Carter, I would be purchasing and residing in your beautiful county. Until then, I will continue to monitor. I really like Bamberg County, but with that kind of leadership, I don’t see how they are going to attract new residents or businesses.

The younger generation is leaving and the retirees are footing the bill. Something has to change and the people of the county have to be informed. Please help these fine people.

Brion Packett, North Charleston

Alternative while Bluebird down

Has the board considered negotiations with S.C. State and Claflin universities to use their facilities in the interim?

That would go a long way in terms of community relations as the article does mention "good for the Orangeburg community."

Frank H. Staley, Upper Marlboro, Maryland

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