Victims get cruel punishment

The term "cruel and unusual punishment" is often applied to the treatment of individuals convicted of a crime. However, in 21st century America, the term often best fits the treatment of the victims of crime.

Wanda Barzee encouraged her husband as he was in the act of raping Elizabeth Smart 15 years ago in Utah. Barzee was released from prison on Sept. 19. Smart, now 30, said she was shocked and disappointed by Barzee's release.

While the people running our judicial system bend over backward to give criminals top-notch treatment, the victims and their relatives many times are treated in a cruel and unjust manner.

How would you feel if you had to go before a parole board every few years because the killer of your loved one wanted an early release?

How would you feel if someone having murdered your loved one in a bank holdup or a convenience store robbery was given only a life sentence complete with holidays at home to visit relatives?

According to a TV report, we South Carolinians spend $429 million a year just to house our prison inmates. When you add the cost of police, local and state, and the cost of trials and other things, the expense to the state is a cruel burden on taxpayers.

Did Dylan Roof deserve a trial? His guilt was obvious to everyone. How much will it cost the people of this state to keep him and murderers like him locked up for the rest of their lives?

Our criminal justice system is a bad joke played upon the law-abiding people of this state that have to do without to pay for it.

Gary H. Knight, Holly Hill

Prosecute the litterer

Someone is littering Heyward Drive in Orangeburg with dirty diapers, Kleenex and other trash. This has happened five times in the last month.

The trash is strewn up and down our street and creates a mess for the people on our street to clean up.

I have contacted Orangeburg County Litter Control about putting out some cameras on our street so we can catch the perpetrators. We will catch the person/people doing this.

I hope they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Wyman Oxner, Orangeburg

Haley as U.S. senator?

Our home girl, Nimrata Rhandawa (Nikki Haley), has resigned as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

I'll say what I know many are thinking: Is this is part of a plan to move Sen. Lindsey Graham to attorney general and she run for the Senate?

Frank H. Staley, Orangeburg

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