Gamecock behavior embarrassing

As a proud South Carolinian with no horse in the race, it was a sad embarrassment watching Saturday's USC-Clemson game with friends and co-workers.

Carolina's fan and players’ deportment was deplorable and reprehensible.

Fans throwing objects at the Clemson team, both during warm-ups and during the game, as well as the clear cut cheap shots and unsportsmanlike extracurriculars (punches thrown, unnecessary post-whistle shoving and grabbing) by some Carolina players were a sad display.

If the Carolina football players had put as much effort into playing football as they did unsportsmanlike conduct, maybe they would have made a better on-field showing.

Frank H. Staley, Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Communism still big issue

“Communism sneaking back” (T&D, Nov. 19): I couldn't even read the article. Communism has grown and has lurked in the USA since the 1960s.

Perverted academia -- communism. Perverted Hollywood -- communism. Media propaganda -- communism. Democratic Party -- communism. Establishment Republicans --- communism. Conquer and divide. The corrupt church -- communism. Feminism -- communism.

For five decades, there has been a constant pounding out of what is good and replacing it with what is twisted and perverted. We can no longer take issues as though the majority of citizens want those changes.

West Point Cadet Spenser Rapone says what he says and did what he did because our country is saturated with communist manipulators behind the scenes, rooted in our military and secret service. The big story is not Hillary is so corrupt regarding the Uranium One deal. The bigger story is that nine Cabinet members in the Obama administration approved the deal -- communism.

Rapone and other communists will be surprised IF the giant awakens. That was what this past election was all about. I'm a federal employee at a prison and we still do not have President Donald Trump's picture up (11/19/17) -- communism.

May our country wake up. It was through our country's faithfulness to God that allowed us to be so blessed. Now we will see the curses from God because we have perverted his land, the land that was dedicated to him. May the Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on us.

Paula Nix, Miami

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