Wrong place for county library

It would be nice if the citizens and active users of the Orangeburg County Library had a say as to where the much-needed new library should be located.

Granted the old Kress building was a bad idea: no parking, cost of renovation, etc. But building the library down near the railroad area [old Piggly Wiggly area] would be a poor choice too.

Traffic in this area is very congested and may be a conflict with the existing library at South Carolina State University. Getting through town is a chore now with all of the red lights and is further compounded when the trains are passing through.

Building the library across from the Department of Public Utilities on Russell Street would provide better access for parking and assist with rejuvenation of that part of the city. Most buildings are built with a life span of 50 years. What the County Council does behind closed doors will impact us all long after they are gone.

Rick Leonard, Orangeburg

Unchecked abusive behavior

This letter was sent to the referee executive director. It is very disturbing to me that our society has fallen so low. We have the burden of teaching the young people to respect each other and to do the right thing.

During a game between the Orangeburg Express and LMR on May 7 at William Clark Middle School, a referee allowed Orangeburg Express to physically accost two of our players and did not call a personal foul.

After the game, I tried to get his name. He would not provide it and threatened to have me arrested. I am a 70-year-old female, hardly threatening.

Then he had a very large man push me out of his view and told me to leave. One of the players then walked up to me and said, "What is your problem, bitch?"

It is my understanding that when one team pushes and physically restrains a player, it is a personal foul and those offenders must be removed from the game. How can we teach young people to respect and show good sportsmanship if the referee allows unchecked abusive behavior?

Margaretta Pennington, Irmo

Can SCDNR employees read?

Can the employees working with the S.C. Department of Natural Resources' boater registration department actually read? It does seem apparent that perhaps some can and some can't!

My reason for the question is simple. I am a Jr. and my father lives in Dorchester County. I live in Orangeburg County. When it comes time to renew our boats and motors, it becomes a nightmare not only for me but my 70-year-old father and mother.

Why? Because they send me his registrations, I get his taxes and renewals and so on. If the people at the SCDNR could actually read, this would not happen and they would send the correct information every time.

I realize that mistakes are made, but every time is not acceptable. It creates confusion and frustration as well as a lot more calling the SCDNR and sitting on the phone for hours being transferred and being told, "I am sorry, don't know why they did that."

I do not want to hear this. What I would like to hear is, "We have got it straight and no more issues will occur." I mean it is easy. I am a Jr., so when you see "Jr.," don't change the address.

I'm at a loss, but maybe I should write a letter to Congress or perhaps the governor, then I can get this situation straightened out -- and the ones unable to read will be provided the proper training they so desperately need.

Thomas Tuttle, Orangeburg

Thanks for Connor account

Thanks to Bill Connor for sharing very thoughtful memories of Prince Harry and the fallen soldiers. Also the utmost respect to the fallen soldiers' families. May God bless them all.

May Prince Harry and his beautiful new wife have God’s presence with them wherever they go.

I know Princess Diana most be so proud of both her God-loving sons. God bless you Princess Diana for having such a big heart. You made the world’s best princess of the queen of hearts.

Rest in peace, queen of hearts

Suzy Fichter, Virginia Beach, Va.

U.S. empire is over

Once the Trump administration changed the process without legal reasoning by U.S. law or international law to separate children from parents just on the basis of entering this country illegally, then the welfare and location of those children are the responsibility of the federal government that created the unlawful acts.

We are now entering a time in our history similar to the replacement of the Weimar Republic by fascist Adolf Hitler and compromising jurists Curt Rothenberger, Franz Schlegelberger and Josef Altstoette, in which the rule of law was removed and ignored to legitimize at the highest levels the annihilation of the Jewish race.

Similarities in our treatment of immigrants already exist: the one already mentioned, shooting of unarmed people on the southern border of the U.S. by the U.S. Border Patrol, imprisonment in, and violation of basic human rights.

The U.S. empire is officially over. We are now the United States of Fascism. Hile Trump. I can only hope if this is not corrected soon, our nation will end up with the same fate as Nazi Germany -- defeated and dead. Xenophobia is alive and well in the new US of F.

David B. Pittman, Blackville

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