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Unhappy in Elloree

I am writing concerning the natural gas lines being put in Elloree.

On May 1, they began digging in front of my home. My home sits between two streets in Elloree, which is a block, so of course they dug up my whole front. It looked terrible from my point of view, so I told them not to put that seed or straw in my yard because I wanted to put some good grass seeds to match my grass, which they did.

While I was out of town, when they started this, they hit my sprinkler system and my water line, which they fixed. But with the after effects of covering the trench, the ground was nearly too hard to put grass seed down, which I had to do myself since I am a widow. But I did and I watered it continuously and it had been growing well for two months.

Then recently, they returned and dug up one end of my yard, which they weren’t able to use so they began on the other end and dug up where I had set out my new growth of grass seed.

I am very frustrated with all of this. I’m not planning to use natural gas, which I have heard quite a few people here are not planning to use either.

I know they have a right-of-way of so much footage in my front yard, but they don’t keep it up year after year and I am upset over all of this.

I set out over $100 of grass seed and having to redo it again is terrible.

I am not happy. My home in this whole section of this block is the only one I have seen with the front yard dug up. As the saying goes on WIS-TV: This is my take on the situation.

Linda Ott Ulmer, Elloree

Cobb-Hunter deserves better

Orangeburg Rep. Gilda Cobb-Hunter is one of the few legislators that say what they mean and mean what they say. She is always strong but calm.

I am writing today because knowing Rep. Cobb-Hunter as I do, it is disappointing that her being assaulted by another representative has been basically swept under the table. I don’t know if it is because it was the end of the legislative session or if it was because of misogyny, but I do know that violence against women is a big problem in South Carolina and I would have thought that the speaker would have done a more thorough investigation.

Women face many more challenges when running for office and being in leadership positions. When an officer has to come between legislators because one is screaming at the other, that is verbal assault; grabbing and pushing is physical assault. We deserve better than the investigation that Rep. Gilda Cobb-Hunter got.

Erin McKee

SC AFL-CIO President


Helping hand for traveler

 Recently when I was in Orangeburg, on my way to my home state of Maryland, I discovered that I had a damaged tire that could not be repaired at a gas station. Nunnie Smith of Smith’s 66 referred me to Ford Tire and Automotive, thinking perhaps a new tire needed to be ordered.

Michael Bedenbaugh, owner of Ford Tire, could not have been nicer and more helpful to me. His mechanic repaired the tire and pronounced it safe to drive back to Maryland.

To my surprise, Michael would not accept any payment for his services, stating he certainly would like help if he was that far from home.

Your residents are very fortunate to have such honest and professional businessmen in your great community. It was heartwarming to note that there are still caring people in our great country that would be willing to help a complete stranger in such a way.

I just wanted to publicly say thank again, guys, for treating me so kindly.

Jim Rawlings, Mechanicsville, Maryland

Prayer not unconstitutional

I am writing in response to the “Prayer lawsuit” featured on page A4 of the July 15 edition of The Times and Democrat.

There is a problem with the article – the phrases “violated the Constitution” and “unconstitutionally coercive.” For, you see, there is nothing in the Constitution that prohibits prayer in government offices, In fact, the members of the Continental Congress prayed while meeting.

So, with that in mind, I ask you: What was unconstitutional about the prayers of the Rowan County Board of Commissioners?

Annsley Smoak, Orangeburg (age 14)

Make-A-Wish needs volunteers

I am the volunteer coordinator at Make-A-Wish South Carolina, and our organization grants wishes to children with life-threatening conditions to bring hope, strength and joy to their lives. We grant wishes all over South Carolina and utilize local volunteers to help make wishes come true.

Currently, we are in need of volunteers in your area. We have a few wonderful volunteers in this region but are looking to grow our base as we grant more wishes.

Bilingual volunteers are also needed. Contact Brennan Brown at or 864-250-0702 x 112 to learn how you can bring hope, strength and joy to children with life-threatening conditions.

Brennan Brown

Make-A-Wish South Carolina



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