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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Eugene Robinson is a racist, reader says
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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Eugene Robinson is a racist, reader says

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Reader: Eugene Robinson is a racist

I read your paper and I have begun to notice how very racist, in particular contributor, has become.

In a time of so much division -- some of which was tragic, caused riots, upset elections, contributed to the spread of COVID-19, restricted travel and stopped education and religion -- we do not need a person like Eugene Robinson. I understand you search for articles for your paper but in my humble opinion, and I'm no journalist, thank God, you need to try and find a conservative to answer in your paper and give Republicans and Democrats equal footing.

The "More than the anti-Trump" article from April 29 was so biased, so "not true news," so one-sided and so racist it brought tears to my eyes. We need inclusion, not division.

Yes, I'm a conservative. Yes, I am a Republican. Yes, I am a woman. Yes, I'm over 70 and yes I voted. Unfortunately my vote and millions of others were "stolen" from my party by Dominion and Republicans.

I'm an American and I'm not racist, but Mr. Robinson is.

Emma L. Eckenrod, Eutawville

Catholics right on same-sex unions

I think Pope Francis and the Catholic Church did the right thing by not blessing same-sex unions. This is in line with the Old Testament and New Testament doctrine and the position of a number of Christian denominations.

The problem that troubles me is the amount of hypocrisy in the churches that denounce homosexual relationships but turn a blind eye toward nonscriptual heterosexual relationships. For instance, divorce is allowed in the Old Testament Pentateuch but condemned in the Old Testament book of Malachi. In the New Testament, divorce is prohibited by Jesus Christ except for unfaithfulness by the offending spouse, and by St. Paul for desertion.

Yet even conservative denominations sometimes do not take the clear teaching on the subject seriously, even among the clergy, giving in to their desires and the wishes of their parishioners. Over the years, I've seen the negative consequences of liberalized teaching on divorce among fellow church members and truly sad effect on their children.

And what about viewing sexually explicit material? When  is the last time you've heard a clergyman denounce that? Surely they know of the harm pornography has done throughout our society. Jesus did say that evil thoughts produced by evil mental images defile a person.

You've probably noticed that when some came to Jesus with accusations against others, he usually reminded them of their own shortcomings and hypocrisy. It is not wrong to say same-sex unions are sinful according to the scripture, but you must first get your own house in order and then proceed with humility recognizing your own shortcomings. Drinking too much or eating too much are both condemned in the Bible. Yet how many Christians suffer from various degrees of alcohol dependence or obesity?

Instead of harshly judging other people's actions, I've learned in my old age to instead let scripture do the judging. The Bible does condemn railing against others and says for us to let the book do the correcting. Is it not true that we all stand before the judgment seat of Christ and give account for our own actions?

Gary H. Knight, Holly Hill

What about PPE money?

Why is it that the governor of south Carolina can take much-needed benefits from the unemployed people in the state and at the same time allow businesses that got PPE loans to close down? obody is doing anything about that. Where are the elected officials in a time such as this?

John Shuler, Elloree



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