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Volunteers remove items left at the memorials for the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting victims on March 15 in Parkland, Fla.

I notice that whenever there's the tragedy of a mass shooting here in these great United States, many people try to theorize what the problem is and where the blame lies and I'm astounded at what some people say.

I'm talking educated people. For instance, I read where someone believes the common denominator to these mass shootings is the “male macho syndrome” because, well, for obvious reasons. That person sure wasted a lot of time and money on an education.

I have such a hard time understanding why educated people can't see something that's so obvious. Worse yet is when educated people REFUSE to see something you show them.

Sometime we can't figure something out, but when somebody comes along and shows us the solution and we refuse to accept it, that's not smart or wise at all. As the saying goes, “Some get educated beyond their intelligence level."

I also read where an evolutionary scientist is quoted as saying something to the effect of “our beliefs won't allow us to see the truth. ...” How sad. I think the greatest commentary on this situation is the account where Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead and some of those who where there and saw it with their own eyes REFUSED to believe it because they'd lose their position in society (John chapter 11). A refusal of truth for whatever reason.

I read some recent articles concerning mass shootings. Three in particular stick out to me. Bill Connor's article titled “Godlessness to blame” on Feb. 20 was excellent and so reflective of the truth. He hit the bullseye on that one. It's just a shame that some people refuse the truths in the article. Educated people in particular.

Another great article with some truth was Ann Coulter's titled “Amazing new breakthrough” on March 1, which focused on “males” and “immigrants." Well, it's not hard at all to see that those two factors are two more bent spokes in the wheel of mass shootings. Obviously not the main reasons for the problem but just as obvious, as the statistics show, is the correlation between immigration and shootings.

It wouldn't be very wise to disregard the wisdom her article teaches, but if you focus in a little more, you'll see that the beliefs that an immigrant brings with him is a major contributing factor. In other words, what's his god? Money? Secularism? Allah? Drugs? Does he even know what his god is? Or is he godless as Bill Connor points out. Which brings me to focus on the third article. Rick Mason's titled “God, schools and NRA” on March 1.

It starts off with a rebuttal to Connor and his God where Mason says, “If your god (small g) is not in public schools today, it is because your god (small g again) is too weak and small. My God goes wherever God chooses to go – including schools.”

At this point I'm going to assume that Rick Mason's god is the one, true and living God, the one who created heaven and earth and everything in it in six literal 24-hour days, the great “I am,” Jehovah. And I'm not talking about the Jehovah that the Jehovahs Witnesses present. The Jesus of the Koran, the Jesus of the JW's and the Jesus of the Christian Bible are all different Jesuses and all three just can't be right. Either all three are wrong or only one is right, but that's another story for another time.

Rick, you either don't know your God too well or you misunderstood what Connor said. Your God, Rick, is not a bully and doesn't go wherever he chooses. As omniscient (knowing everything at all times) and omnipresent (present in all places at all times) as God is, he is just as gracious and will not force himself on anyone, as can be implied by your statement, but will graciously leave when asked to do so.

It breaks his heart but when humans ask God to leave them alone, he does. That's what's known as the “unpardonable sin." God cannot pardon someone who doesn't ask or doesn't want forgiveness. He is a holy and righteous (just, equitable, merited) God that both judges and pardons sin and when true contrition by the sinner (repentance) is present, God can pardon the sinner. But when repentance is absent, then God's righteousness leaves him with no choice but to judge the sinner. And Rick, God doesn't leave us in the dark on the subject of his judgment.

I had someone tell me one time, “My God is a loving and compassionate God.” That was in response to my comment about God's view on homosexuality and its consequences. I pointed out that their God also judged sin.

But I have to agree with you, Rick, when you say it is the family's and the church's job to teach and show children God's ways, not the schools'. You also went further and commented that what is being passed off as Christianity today is troubling along with the disconnect created by the difference between Jesus' teachings and what's being espoused by many churches. Couldn't agree with you more there too, but here's the kicker.

As a preacher of God's word, Rick, how in the world did you miss Connor's point? How can you miss the devastation created by stopping prayer in school? How can you miss seeing that we're living in a society that is doing all it can to kick God out of every vestige of society that it can?

I remember back when I was young, even non-Christians had Judeo-Christian values. This country was started with men who held Christian values. Many of them weren't Christians but at least they held biblical values. As a matter of fact, the three main branches of our government (executive, legislative, judicial) come straight out of the Bible (Isaiah).

But America's not like that now. When a child get's in trouble for having an aspirin in school but has no problem getting the school to give them a condom, something bad is wrong. When God is no longer allowed to be petitioned by prayer in school, or in other words, kicked out of school, and then replaced by a police officer, we're not heading in the right direction but are creating problems.

And when you distort facts, Rick, such as saying prayer in school is teachers indoctrinating students, you're pretty far off the mark, just like your “semantics” of focusing on Connor's use of the word explosion. You totally missed the correlation of godlessness in not only our schools but in our society as well as being a major contributor to the mass shootings in our schools, churches, movie theaters and so on.

Vernon Davis's article titled “End of mass shootings” on March 4 was also right on target. America needs to do what Vernon says. Not turn our backs to God but turn back to God. Starting with parents leading by example. Read and study the Bible, because it's the instruction book for life. You just can't go wrong by learning what God says is right and wrong. After all, God is the moral compass and right and wrong is according to what God says is right and wrong. Not humans.

I close with this statement. For the life of me I can't understand how educated people think a certain type of gun is the problem when the mind behind the trigger is the real problem. Just like the car isn't the problem, it's the drunk behind the wheel.

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Charles Markowitz is from Orangeburg.


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