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Confederates are U.S. veterans

Our heritage is based on historical facts of the past, whether we like or dislike them. This nation has developed into one the greatest in the world. The truths concerning our nation’s growth are viewed through these historical facts.

The Confederate States of America lost the war of 1861. By losing the war, the privilege of providing accurate historical facts was also lost. Removing monuments will only promote an improper interpretation of our national heritage.

The State of South Carolina was the first to secede from the Union due to improper taxation, tariffs and other considerations. Regardless, I want to focus on the Confederate soldiers, sailors and marines who fought in the Civil war, who were made U.S. veterans by an act of Congress in 1957, U.S. Public Law 85-425, Sec 410, and approved May 23, 1958. This made all Confederate army, navy and marine veterans equal to U.S. veterans.

Additionally, under U.S. Public Law 810, approved by the 17th Congress on Feb. 26, 1929, the War Department was directed to erect headstones and recognize Confederate grave sites as U.S. war dead grave sites. Just for the record, the last Confederate veteran died in 1958. So, in essence, when you remove a Confederate statue, monument or headstone, you are in fact, removing a statue, monument or head stone of a U.S. veteran.

The statue located on the Orangeburg square was placed by the Ladies of Orangeburg County in memory of 1,148 Orangeburg County Confederate soldiers who fought and died in the war. We must, after a careful consideration of all facts, determine the effects this will have on the families of 1,148 U.S. veterans honored by this historical site and statue.

The people of Orangeburg must unite and overcome differences we have as Americans, pledging allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

May God bless all.

Wm. David Zorn Jr., adjutant of Col. Olin M. Dantzler Camp No. 0073 Sons of Confederate Veterans

Show love, wear a mask

This is a quiz:

What is the single most important thing in the world?

Is it the air we breathe?

Is it the food we eat?

Is it the water we must have?

(All of these are necessary for life.)

What cannot be hoarded or it will wither and die?

What is the thing that the more you give away, the more comes back to you?

What cannot be bought or sold?

What is the thing that can bring nations together?

The answer is simple.

The most important thing in the world is Love.

As you watch others in stores and on the streets and you see the ones wearing masks, you see the ones who feel Love. They are showing Love for others and also for themselves.

The mask helps others and indirectly the one who wears it and is important to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. A simple act of Love and wearing a face covering can help prevent terrible illness and death.

“Love thy neighbor as thyself." Wear a mask.

The life you save could be your own.

If you don’t believe me, ask a doctor.

M.W. Best, Orangeburg

T&D irresponsible to print column

I turned to the editorial page on Aug. 20 and what a surprise: "God and the coronavirus."

A “proclamation” encouraging behavior that puts lives in danger. I am questioning why The T&D would be so irresponsible as to print this false and misleading information that can only encourage behavior that will spread this virus to many in our community.

The editorial page is not always a source of factual information. It is a statement of opinion. However, a newspaper should provide opinions based upon reality in order to provide us with a means to consider other points of view and challenge our thought processes. This article did neither.

Kathie O. Goodwin, Orangeburg

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