Thankful Trump is president

I count myself among those who are prayerfully thankful that Donald Trump is America’s commander in chief.

The trash that is spewed daily by the Fourth Estate only causes me, and hopefully others of the same bent, to strengthen my resolve and deep appreciation for our president.

I have concluded that the “talking heads” at MSNBC and CNN are guilty of the crime that they accused Trump of, namely collusion. As I watch these two networks, I repeatedly hear the same "buzz words." How can these talking heads use the same words and/or phrases to disparage Trump without colluding. I truly believe that these so-called newscasters are using brainwashing to the fullest extent. This technique has as its goal, to use the adage, “if you hear a lie long enough, you tend to believe it."

Let me be clear, there are some things that Trump does and says that clearly irk me, BUT I know he cannot be bought, he speaks his mind, he endeavors to put America’s interest ABOVE all others. A list of a few examples of his putting America first follows.

• Think NATO members long taking advantage of America’s generosity.

• Think China undermining American intellectual properties.

• Think Syria defying warning regarding the use of WMDs.

• Think American diplomats moving from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

• Think Iran endeavoring to weasel out of the JCPOA deal.

Here at home, unemployment is 4%. African-American unemployment is 5.9%, lowest on record. Close to 300,000 new manufacturing jobs, streamlining the infrastructure permit process to cut approval time from up to 10 years to an average of two, negotiated new trade agreement that replaces NAFTA, steel and aluminum jobs are returning to our shores, which are vital for national defense.

America is now the world’s largest producer of crude oil. Trump pushed for $6 billion to fight the opioid epidemic, seriously downgraded the capability of ISIS to establish a caliphate in Syria, has direct meetings with many world leaders including friends and foes, has imposed sanctions on Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua.

The list of accomplishments goes on and on, but suffice it to say, it would be difficult to deny that Donald Trump has put America’s best interest at the forefront of his presidency and I for one am eternally thankful that he is leading America to greatness, again!

Jay Pearson,

Lt Colonel, USAF, Ret


Relay for Life brings us together

On behalf of the 2019 Relay for Life Committee of Orangeburg and Bamberg Counties, I would like to thank the Orangeburg and Bamberg communities for once again supporting our event held on April 26.

More than 20 corporate sponsors, two advertising sponsors and 21 in-kind sponsors stepped up, without hesitation, to support this signature fundraising effort for the American Cancer Society. Our 39 teams used creativity and perseverance to raise funds to fight cancer. We met, and surpassed, our original $100,000.00 goal; we are proud to report that our total to date is $110,000.00!!

The mission of the American Cancer Society is to eradicate cancer. ACS provides monies for research, helps patients with information and resources, and educates the public on prevention and early detection of cancer. For more than 20 years, our community has embraced Relay for Life, raising more than $1 million in the fight against cancer.

Cancer is a great equalizer! Relay for Life brings our community together like no other event as we make inroads against this dread disease. We remember those gone too soon; celebrate those who have survived and fight back against cancer.

Together, we are better!

Dell Bolen, Chair, 2019 RFL

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