Money talks, children die

It is a blemish on America. Our children will have to be imprisoned in their schools for their safety. Twelve-foot fences, razor wire , steel doors and armed guards.

Why? Because some idiots and the NRA say they need assault weapons with 40-round magazines to defend themselves. From what? How many of these people have had to use assault weapons to defend themselves? I've not heard of any.

Raising the minimum age for purchase will do little good. There should be a total ban on them. The NRA, the arms manufacturers and the politicians they own say NO. Money talks and our children die.

It is very doubtful the feds will do anything to stop the flow.

Maybe it's time for the states to ignore the Supreme Court on some issues such as gun control, pass stricter laws and get rid of these murder weapons.

What about it state politicians? Are you ready to grow a new backbone?

James Russell, Cordova

Getting people together to help


The title of the play is: “Landlord Brown is a Preacher Too?”

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This is a show that’s based on a true story and inspired by Tyler Perry’s “Madea.”

Step into the landlord’s shoes while he juggles having two completely different jobs at once. Definitely a show that everyone will enjoy. Laugh-out-loud funny but still touches on key issues that America still encounters today, such as the opioid epidemic, race relations and other topics of interest, yet without controversy and all with a little twist.

Please help us bring people together as we set out to aid in the opioid epidemic, where 75 percent of the net proceeds go to help rehabilitate by opening rehab and job training centers.

If you have any questions or would like a preview of the script, call 803-378-9221 or email globaldisaster2010@gmail. com.

Timothy C. Brown, Orangeburg

Global Disaster Crisis Relief Center

Hillsboro Road





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