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Development Commission Executive Director Gregg Robinson writes on the cover of today’s annual T&D Progress Edition: “Orangeburg County continues to move toward goals of improving life for those of us who live and/or work here. It’s an exciting time for our community as we see record growth of businesses investing in our area and creating job opportunities we’ve not had before.”

The OCDC and Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College are sponsors for today’s special section – a T&D publication that we believe represents some of our most important work each year. In Orangeburg County and The T&D Region, we are progressing – and people need to know it.

News often is made by events and happenings that might make a list of top stories of the year but not for reasons called progress. The annual special section puts under one cover a look at stories that by any measure signify the community’s progress.

The reports are, in a sense, a way of bragging about what has been positive over the previous year. The sheer volume of such news should be enough to make most realize ours is a community on the rise with much potential – and the people and places to realize it.

From month to month, there were big stories in 2017-18. Some highlights:

• Claflin and Voorhees launch Career Pathways via a grant that is called a “game changer.”

• The Orangeburg County Courthouse takes on a new look with construction of a plaza.

• Chinese tire maker Wanli chooses Orangeburg County for a big production facility.

• The City of Orangeburg’s new recreation complex is under construction.

• The Regional Medical Center is building a medical center in Bamberg County.

• Lidl adds to the Orangeburg supermarket lineup.

• OCtech’s new nursing building is to be ready in 2019.

• A new industry projects 353 jobs in Calhoun County.

• Allied Air is expanding, adding 100 jobs.

Joining the OCDC and OCtech in support of progress and the special section are the Downtown Orangeburg Revitalization Association, Calhoun County Development Commission, the Regional Medical Center, Jimmy Jones Toyota/Polaris of Orangeburg, the Orangeburg Department of Public Utilities, One Orangeburg County, Husqvarna, Palmetto Irrigation, the City of Orangeburg and a wealth of others that can rightly be called “Partners in Progress.”

Even as the events that will make for Progress 2018-19 are unfolding and being cataloged for a special section a year from now, we urge all to take a look at what 2017-18 meant locally. The section is part of today’s T&D and also can be found online at

OCDC’s Robinson is right: “We’re fortunate to be a part of something this positive.”


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