Looking for love? S.C. is the place

Looking for love? S.C. is the place

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Just in time for Valentine’s Day, some good news about dating and romance in the Palmetto State.

First, if you’re looking for love, South Carolina is not one of the wrong places. It is one the best states for single guys looking for a date.

South Carolina tied for third best among the states with Vermont, behind only Ohio and Rhode Island, in a study done by Zippia.com, which selected the best and worst states for getting a date.

www.Zippia.com evaluated each state in four areas:

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• Percent of residents married: Data came from the 2018 Census American Community survey. The lower the marriage rate, the more singles and the better chance a single guy has of convincing one of them to date him.

• Ratio of men to women: Data on the number of women for every 100 men came from the ACS. Typically, women outnumber men. Once again, the more women to men, the better for a single guy trying to get a date.

• Percent living with their parents: Data also came from the ACS. While dating isn’t impossible when you live with mom and dad, it’s definitely a lot harder.

• Affordability: While getting a date is well and good, being able to afford a date helps obtain a second date. For affordability, cost of living was compared to average wage as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In case you were wondering, the 10 worst places for a guy to get a date are, from 1-10, Hawaii, New Jersey, Utah, Montana, Kansas, Virginia, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Maryland and Florida.

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So where to go on a date?

The travel insurance comparison site www.InsureMyTrip.com ranked the most romantic cities to visit based on the latest data available for key categories: popularity of location for honeymoons and marriage proposals, price of accommodations over the Valentine’s Day holiday, quality of romantic hotels and wine bars, and quality of green space and parks.

Not surprisingly, of the 67 cities analyzed, Paris, France, ranked first overall (7.53), with London (5.97), Santorini (5.64), Barcelona (5.44) and Ubud (5.37) completing the top five cities.

But for those interested in a more local Valentine’s getaway, you don’t have to go far.

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Charleston is rated as the most romantic U.S. city, ranking 21st globally overall.

InsureMyTrip says, “Charleston is known for its beautiful cobblestone streets, riverside restaurants and carriage rides, making it the perfect spot for couples. The South Carolina port city is also recognized as one of the best U.S. cities in the country overall.”

Charleston received near-perfect scores for its quality of wine bars (10.00) and quality of green space and parks (9.01). It also scored highly for its quality of romantic hotels (6.86) and accommodation prices around Valentine’s Day (5.41).

Charleston narrowly missed the global top 20 due to its low scores for honeymoon popularity (0.11) and proposal popularity (1.23).

Oh well, the latter two categories are less important anyway when looking for a good place for a date. So on this Valentine’s Day, consider the Palmetto State a good place to be if you’re looking for love.


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