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Donald Trump is anything but the conventional president. He was elected to be unconventional, promising to be a chief executive unlike those before him.

He has lived up to the promise, and in the process has defied just about every norm of political convention. Things that would have crippled or ended previous candidacies and presidencies ripple off Trump.

Some contend that is because Trump has lowered the standards so far that irreparable harm has been done to the presidency. Not likely. America has survived and prospered through more difficult times and amid far more controversy than initiated by Trump.

Yes, if we could write the script for this president, we would advise different approaches. But Trump is being Trump – and even when he is doing things conventionally, his critics remain determined to find fault.

Consider the president’s proposal on gun reform. All the focus now is on Trump backing away from a ban on the purchase of any assault-style weapon by people under age 21. That is painted as caving to the position of the National Rifle Association, particularly after Trump just recently publicly stated a belief that it makes no sense for a person to be banned from purchasing a handgun until age 21 while being able to buy an AR-15.

It would seem by now that the lesson of Trump’s floating ideas and proposals would be better understood. He can and does alter positions based on what he sees as real prospects. Holding off on a plan to deny gun purchases to those under 21 may give other reforms a much better chance of approval as the age limit is already being challenged in court in the face of Florida passing such a law.

And what of the latest developments regarding North Korea? Trump has been lambasted continuously for his threatening words and harsh tone regarding the communist country and its dictator. Now it appears there is at least an opening to negotiation. Trump’s approach has worked.

While there remain many reasons to find fault with this president, we agree with syndicated columnist Daniel L. Gardner of Starkville, Mississippi, in saying it’s time to give Trump credit where credit is due.

These are Gardner’s words:

“During his campaign for president, Trump promised to deal with North Korea, to bring back jobs to America, and to deal with other nations to balance trade. Since coming into office, Trump has produced real, positive results in his dealings with North Korea, has a record of historically low unemployment numbers and unexpectedly high monthly jobs numbers, and has continually fought for American workers who have lost jobs to other nations due to unfair trade practices.

“Perhaps Trump can balance trade with nations that have taken advantage of previous weak administrations that have given away the farm while ‘acting’ presidential. Who needs whom the most? As the largest economy in the world, America has an advantage over any other nation, or any trade consortium of nations. President Trump is standing up for America, not the rest of the world.

“President Trump has acted and spoken more like America’s leader than a predictable presidential politician playing well with party politicians and media pundits protecting their own powerful positions.”


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