Friday the 13th: Focus on day as lucky one

Friday the 13th: Focus on day as lucky one

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This year’s first of two Fridays falling on the 13th: Just what is needed right now, right?

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A week after South Carolina got exceptionally lucky with Hurricane Dorian, even as we watched devastation in the Bahamas and major damage north of us, no one wants any bad luck.

Many people who will be extra cautious today, fearful the reputation of bad luck on the day will find them this time around.

There are lots of reasons Friday the 13th is considered unlucky.

Naked with clothes on notes it is considered unlucky to have 13 guests at a dinner party and that many buildings don't have a 13th floor. Most people avoid getting married or buying a house on a day marked by the dreaded number. Especially superstitious folks even avoid driving on Friday the 13th.

Also consider the number 13 is linked with the history of Friday being the day Jesus was crucified and Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit. No wonder the day has gotten a bad reputation.

Yet there is no statistical evidence that the number 13 or the date is unlucky.

"No data exists, and will never exist, to confirm that the number 13 is an unlucky number," Igor Radun of the Human Factors and Safety Behavior Group at the University of Helsinki's Institute of Behavioural Sciences in Finland said via "There is no reason to believe that any number would be lucky or unlucky."

A British Medical Journal study in 1993 -- titled “Is Friday the 13th Bad for Your Health?” -- involved comparing the ratio of traffic volume to accidents on two Fridays, the 6th and the 13th, over a period of years. The findings gave hope to people believing there is something to bad luck on the 13th: Traffic volume was down on that day (as noted, some people won’t drive their cars) while accident victim numbers were up.

The study’s conclusion: Friday the 13th is unlucky for some.

So let’s turn the tables and focus on how you might make this date lucky instead. offers six suggestions:

Be good luck-oriented. Get out of the bed on the right side. Wear red underpants; definitely not green. Get your most trusted lucky charm out. Place it in your pocket and wear it all day.

“Forget the cleaning. Few need to be told this most days but Friday the 13th is a great excuse because apparently handling a broom is unlucky on this day, as is changing the sheets, flipping the mattress, or doing the laundry.”

Think positively all day. “Make this the day to put aside bad moods, irritability and your ongoing petty argument with a co-worker or family member. This is the day for choosing good things, good thoughts, and good outcomes. Indeed, not believing in bad luck is a good approach because research has shown that people who believe in bad luck tend to bring it on.”

Test your luck. “Go out and deliberately do a few things that involve chance and where your luck takes you. Buy a lottery ticket for the next big draw, buy some scratch tickets, play a game at the casino, or place some sports bets.”

Organize something fun to do after work, studies or other duties. “Mark the day by celebrating and having fun with your friends. Go to a concert, eat out, visit a bar, watch a show in the park, etc. Just use the day as an excuse to party.”

Think about how lucky you are. “Spend a little part of your day counting your blessings. What are all the things you're grateful for in your life? Who are the people in your life that matter most to you? What wouldn't you change about your life for all the world? Remind yourself of all the people, opportunities, and things that make you feel lucky in your life whenever you feel a sense of impending doom about anything.”

Dispense with the superstitious nonsense and take responsibility for the things that happen to you. “If you carry on thinking about luck all day, you're likely to be distracted and possibly something less-than-lucky might happen. Eyes open, head up, and brain in charge.”

So perhaps this indeed is as good a day as any to re-examine superstitions you might have and weigh them against logic. Who knows, Friday the 13th just might be your lucky day.


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