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To impeach or not to impeach, that seems to be the Democrats' question as they prepare to take over the U.S. House majority.

The likely new speaker, Nancy Pelosi of California, and key leaders such as South Carolina 6th District Congressman Jim Clyburn are steering clear of impeachment talk. But as much as they talk about an agenda, the Democrats in the House are in position to do little without compromise other than put a check on President Donald Trump.

At the top of the priority list of checks will be launching investigations into just about anything Trump. Even Pelosi and Clyburn acknowledge there will be House investigations.

And there are Democrats in leadership positions openly willing to call for advancing toward impeachment with or without the president being implicated criminally in the probe of Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

If Democrats are interested in building on their 2018 election gains, they would be smart to back away from impeachment and never-ending investigation of the president.

The role of the representatives is oversight. That does not mean using the House majority to play political games.

While many will talk about the Democratic gains in terms of some high-profile liberals, the real story for Democrats is voters sent them a moderate message.

In winning in red states such as South Carolina with Joe Cunningham in the 1st District, Democrats should take stock of the makeup of their new majority.

These lawmakers are far more interested in delivering for their districts than focusing on Trump, who remains popular in red states where he will be on the ballot in 2020 at the same time these new Democrats are seeking re-election.

Americans are tired of endless investigation and division in our politics. If the Democrats want a winning formula, they should work across the aisle, force compromise and get something done in conjunction with the president and Republican Senate.

If Trump is as bad as so many Democrats contend, the voters will take care of him in 2020. In the meantime, Democrats can show the nation that taking the high road is more important than an endless anti-Trump agenda. The nation needs more than another two years of political warfare.

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