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    The Times and Democrat’s fourth “Stories of Honor” series concluded July 17 with a special section bringing together the stories of 12 veterans having served our country in the Armed Forces. The series began in May, with each Sunday’s Magazine through July 12 featuring an honoree.

      Donald Trump’s whisperers are saying he may soon announce his plans to run for president in 2024, and Democrats are keeping their fingers crossed that he does. Since his surprising victory in 2016, Trump has been the main cause of Democratic electoral success.

      Google “common sense” and you’ll get this: “Common sense is a form of practical decision-making and the ability to imagine the consequences of something you do. It stops us making irrational mistakes and makes it easier to make choices on what to do. We aren't born with common sense, we deve…

      It’s rare that a diverse group of public officials can agree so quickly on a course of action. Agreement appears to be the case with a budding partnership between Orangeburg’s Regional Medical Center and the Charleston-based Medical University of South Carolina.

      The people of Calhoun County are not inclined to say let’s make changes just because everyone else does things a different way. But when it comes to their form of county government, the voters should look positively on a change that formalizes the roles of the elected county council and the …

      The Guardian reported in January 2018: “In order to meet its share of the carbon pollution cuts needed to achieve the 2°C Paris international climate target, America’s policies are rated as ‘critically insufficient”’ by the Climate Action Tracker. The Trump Administration has taken every pos…

      The July 4th holiday weekend brought sad news with the death of Lawrence Taylor Garick Jr. of Orangeburg. Many knew Garick as a businessman of 50 years, a lifetime member of Orangeburg Lutheran Church and an assistant scoutmaster for nearly 40 years with Troop 45 in Orangeburg. Less known wo…


      Content by Brand Ave. Studios. The annual Amazon Prime Day is coming July 12 and 13, and per usual will offer discounts on many of your favorite things.

      Content by Brand Ave. Studios. The annual Amazon Prime Day is coming July 12 and 13, and per usual will offer discounts on many of your favorite things.

      The Supreme Court set off political fireworks this year with divided opinions on gun rights, abortion, religious liberty and more. So it’s worth highlighting the court’s unanimous June decision that reinforces a core tenet of the U.S. legal system (Ruan v. U.S.)

      Orangeburg County continues to focus on development, looking to market itself as an ideal location between Charleston and Columbia. A key component of any development plan is showing prospects that the community has quality health care.

      President Joe Biden is said to be very frustrated with Democrats and the media amid his falling poll numbers. The president does not like expressions of doubt about his ability to run for re-election and the open debate about his present abilities to serve.

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