In a recent letter to the editor responding to Dr. Mark Hendrickson's article on Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., the writer fails to see his references. Hendrickson is correct in regards to Ocasio-Cortez's socialism along with her lack of understanding economic fundamentals, primarily because of socialists being glorified in modern education.

Venezuela collapsed with a corrupt government because of Chavez's socialism and his successor Maduro's increased authoritarian rule. Ocasio-Cortez envisions the United States as a larger-scale Venezuela, refusing to condemn authoritarian and totalitarian dictatorships.

The furor over the recent school shooting in Florida continues to be an issue discussed with…

For someone whose family escaped Mao Tse-Tung over 70 years ago, I aks: How is it we have legislators endorsing such evil leaders? Many Americans are aware of the dangers of such dictatorships, but she is not.

Her Green New Deal would expand such dangerous policies such as a wider Corporate Average Fuel Economy, established in 1975 as a tax policy that mandated all vehicles produced by an automaker average a specific target in fuel economy. Made into a high-tax social engineering policy by the 2007 Pelosi energy law to 35 MPG in 2016 and raised again in 2009 by the Obama Administration to the current 54.5 MPG by 2025 (a proposal to freeze it to 36 MPG is ongoing), automakers must pay a tax for failing to reach that level.

The policy was directly related to the Obama seizure of two U.S. automakers (one he gave to the Agnelli family that owns the Juventus Football Club) as part of the social engineering policy. Today, pickup trucks and real SUVs are reaching over the $40,000 price range and have aluminum bodies and even smaller engines not designed for the load, while smaller cars retain steel bodies and the truck production is regulated to force automakers to produce more A-Spec and B-Spec cars along with both internal combustion engines with a high risk of stochastic pre-ignition failure (problematic with direct injection and turbochargers) and electric cars to appease the standard.

The high price of trucks is directly related to the taxes on automakers for failure to reach the fuel-efficiency goals only possible with cars carrying MotoGP displacement engines and electric cars. If we had not seen the 2007 Pelosi energy policy with the light bulb ban or the 2009 Obama CAFE that led to seizure of political opponents, vehicles Americans need would be much cheaper without the taxation imposed on automakers.

Furthermore, her Green New Deal is based on the utopia of urban enclaves that use public transportation and A-spec electric cars while ignoring utilitarian vehicles designed for work and farms in wide-open rural areas that are not in her constituency.

Also, the letter to the editor in question supports the abolition of the Electoral College, citing the election of President Donald Trump as its reason. The reasoning -- including a local legislator who has introduced such a bill in the state legislature -- is to abolish the fundamental of this nation's founding. As a result, if the Supreme Court striking down state-level Great Compromises in the Reynolds vs. Sims case of 1964, many areas previously serviced by a local state legislator no longer has representation in their state's legislature.

For example, the new Orangeburg County School Board consists of nine elected representatives primarily based in the city, and many areas of the county are no longer represented on the school board, as they were in the past. The mission of the Electoral College abolition is to turn over the election to 15-20 leftist urban power cities, and both the election and policies of the leaders will be based on those cities exclusively.

Justice Scalia noted in Obergefell, 31 states had marriage laws nullified by a body based primarily of New York City alone. Under their utopian plans, the House would be 100 seats and Senate 50 seats drawn by population alone. California would have 12-15 seats in the lower and 6-10 seats in the upper chamber, while South Carolina would be shut out and represented by Georgia or North Carolina legislators based in Atlanta, Charlotte or Asheville, where the legislators will not support us but their choice cities.

The founding fathers understood the issues, and the modern progressive movement wishes to base all policies on those cities where outside the city, their calls are ignored, eliminating representation by areas of factories, farms and businesses while listening only to those inside the largest cities that have exclusive clout. This is extremely dangerous.

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Hou-Yin Chang is from Orangeburg.


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