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Daniel L. Gardner

We are living in interesting times with issues like abortion, trade talks with China, stock market losses, immigration crisis on the border, North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, floods and storms, President Donald Trump, and two dozen Democrats running for president.

Are these the best days?

Earlier this year New Yorkers literally cheered and celebrated a new state law legalizing abortion for any reason up to birth. Virginia’s governor told a radio audience that proposed state legislation would legalize mothers and medical providers’ decision to kill a baby after birth if they chose termination for any reason. Pro-choice folks cheered!

Recently Alabama and Missouri joined some other states passing legislation essentially making abortion for any reason criminally illegal. Pro-life folks cheered! National media have labeled pro-life legislation “controversial” and pro-choice legislation “reasonable.” According to Gallup’s May 2018 poll, Americans are still relatively split with 29% saying abortion should be legal under any circumstances, 50% legal only under certain circumstances, and 18% illegal in all circumstances.

Mayor Pete will be nominee

Trade talks with China continued without any resolution. Markets plummeted with significant losses a week ago. Regardless of the origin of the curse, we are living “in interesting times.”

The crisis that Trump created on our southern border … oh wait, that’s what the national media and political establishment have been saying for the past two years … the immigration crisis on the border has finally attracted the attention of national media and political establishment. According to federal statistics, “Border Patrol apprehensions for this fiscal year, through March, have exceeded the entire fiscal year totals for 2017, 2015, 2012, and 2011.”

Dems spin epic novel

The U.S. intelligence community has confirmed that North Korea and Iran have increased missile tests and continued nuclear development. Venezuelans are starving while Cuban mercenaries backed by Russia control the police state. Storms and flooding continue battering middle America and the South elevating concerns about agricultural and economic losses, not to mention countless stories of personal tragedies.

The only thing all these crises have in common is President Donald J. Trump. That’s why nearly two dozen Democrats have announced their campaigns to defeat Trump in 2020. The national media and political establishment are all over the 2020 election like white on rice … uh, white rice.

The House has failed more than 40 times to vote on a bill requiring medical personnel to care for babies who survive abortion attempts. Apparently, neither the national media nor the political establishment consider this inaction news or the babies worthy of attention. Abortion may be the number one issue that swings the 2020 election.

Mueller and the divide

Who will blink first in trade talks with China? The Trump administration or China? Former administrations, both Democrat and Republican, have never leveled the trade playing field between the U.S. and China. America has lost hundreds of billions of trading dollars annually to China for decades. Something will give this year.

The world is full of bad actor nations. We don’t need to interfere in their domestic concerns. They should be very wary of interfering with America while Trump is president.

Democrats, national media and the political establishment will continue to orchestrate attention-getting crises and diversions of all kinds for the sole purpose of running Trump out of office. Meanwhile origins of all the investigations, or lack thereof under the Obama administration, will gradually come to light.

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Daniel L. Gardner is a syndicated columnist who lives in Starkville, MS. You may contact him at PJandMe2@gmail.com


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