The article dated July 12, “A Matter of Faith” by Elana Schor, Associated Press, shows Democrats are so off base in values, in truth, in relating to life, health and the pursuit of happiness. Included was a blasphemous picture of Democrat Pete Buttigieg praying. He is a living representative of abomination to faith that was founded from man’s very existence, our nation’s founding principles, the Word of God, the Holy Bible, upon which his so-called Episcopalian faith and our churches are established.

Selfish satisfaction, arrogant pride in self interests and greed for power and money are all behind the 2020 campaign and it’s sickening. Faith, really? If there were true faith in the candidates, they would be living to promote what our American faith is all about, trusting in the ONE TRUE GOD, who is Jesus Christ, and obeying the doctrines of our Holy Bible.

Abortion wouldn’t even be a topic of discussion because murder is not an option. Children are considered the greatest in God’s eyes.

Homosexuality and lesbianism would never be allowed because they are considered an abomination in God’s eyes and we were warned they will ruin a nation.

Foreigners are welcomed but are told to become as the nation they join in with. Too many come making America their little home countries instead of becoming true Americans.

As true believers of Jesus Christ, our Bible as God’s holy word, then candidates should be conservative-minded in matters of morality, obedient to their faith, not religion. Religion is a form to find and make God as one wants their god to be. Faith is believing in the God of the Holy Bible, Jesus Christ, in what a person must trust in, rely on, obey and follow -- the faith our nation America was founded upon as one nation under God.

When candidates start living, promoting and moving toward right in God’s eyes more than the popularity of man and or self, start doing as directed for blessings to be received as written in The Bible, then “A Matter of Faith” can be believed, trusted and seen in our government leadership on all levels -- nation, state, county, city and towns. Then a standard of excellence, of honor, of truth, of justice, and of pursuit of happiness can truly begin.

Giving false promises unattainable to the people because of self-deception from one’s lifestyles, from one’s religious preferences and one’s selfish interests is not good for a nation that has endured and has been blessed by God as America has been throughout its existence. May God bless America and may a standard of excellence be established In our leadership before the next election in 2020.

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Sharon Boone is from Orangeburg.


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