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COMMENTARY: From crisis to control
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COMMENTARY: From crisis to control

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Daniel L. Gardner

Apparently, all the kerfuffle over wearing masks was due to experts and authorities following political science, not medical science.

Paul E. Alexander wrote a compelling article, “Masking: A Careful Review of the Evidence,” Feb. 11, in the American Institute for Economic Research, documenting research findings from 2020 that proved neither surgical nor cloth masks were effective in preventing the spread of COVID, but also that masks endangered those wearing them.

To be sure, no one is denying how infectious and deadly the coronavirus has been. Too many of us have lost dear friends and family members to this virus. But we should learn a valuable lesson from politically motivated media and authorities who perpetrate crises of fear. Make no mistake, these perpetrators of lies intend to create crises among us that divide us into identity groups.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) has been around for decades but hadn’t gained much following outside progressive academia. The left has been using CRT like a cudgel to beat racism into teachers and school children. The central idea is that skin color determines who we are. The left has already created a racial crisis manipulated with lies and fear. CRT is their “solution” or “mask” to fix the problem.

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The left has built up the LGBTQ movement into another crisis, demanding “rights” for those whose gender identities are mentally and emotionally fluid. Nowadays we have biological men who have periods and birth babies. We need sex education in K-12 schools so our children can decide their own gender. One of President Joe Biden’s leading educational priorities will guarantee the rights of biological boys who identify as girls to compete, shower and sleep with biological girls.

Biden opened our southern border during his first week in office. Hundreds of thousands of migrants from more than 75 nations are crossing the border each month. Authorities estimate more than 2 million migrants will cross the border by the end of September. Border states have been begging Washington for help. In this case, the left created a real crisis that will adversely affect America for generations.

Not all crises are contained within our borders. Biden reversed former President Donald Trump’s policy of withholding money from Palestinians, and authorized more than $200 million to go to Palestinian authorities. A few weeks later Hamas shot more than 4,000 rockets into Israel. Hamas is an Islamic terrorist organization.

Israel’s Iron Dome defense system destroyed more than 90% of Hamas’ rockets. Israel’s air and artillery strikes focused on destroying launch sites and Hamas strongholds even though terrorists hid behind innocent civilians. Israel went so far as to notify targets in advance to prevent civilian casualties.

More than half of all Democrats support Palestinians over Israel according to a recent poll. The left is essentially supporting Hamas when criticizing Israel for defending itself. The war is not between the Palestinians and Israel, but between Hamas terrorists who attack Israel and the Jewish democracy.

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Trump led negotiation of the Abraham Accords that produced agreements between Israel and two Arab states, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. Trump’s administration was working with at least three other Arab states on similar peace agreements.

Why would ideologues in politics, media and academia band together to create crises and manipulate the masses with fear and intimidation? They want power and control over lives.

Daniel L. Gardner is a syndicated columnist who lives in Starkville, Miss. You may contact him at



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