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    We regularly encounter stories of Americans struggling to stay financially afloat, buffeted by the day's economic challenges. So many focus on a woman who is identified a quarter of the way in as a "single mother." She's often portrayed facing impossible demands of holding a paying job while caring for the young ones.

      SANIBEL ISLAND, Fla. — There was no time to waste. As Hurricane Ian lashed southwest Florida, Bryan Stern, a veteran of the U.S. military, and others began gathering crews, boats and even crowbars for the urgent task that would soon be at hand: rescuing hundreds of people who might get trapped by floodwaters.

        In his divisive speech to the nation from Philadelphia, which included the alleged “threat to the foundations of the Republic” posed by conservatives, President Joe Biden said something I agree with: “We have to be honest to each other and to ourselves: Too much of what’s happening today in …

          Life is one day at a time. You don’t have tomorrow. You hope for tomorrow but it’s not guaranteed. We plan for tomorrow. We save for tomorrow and look forward to tomorrow.

          When President Joe Biden appeared to be looking for deceased Indiana Rep. Jackie Walorski to appear at a recent press event, it raised questions across the nation about the president’s mental fitness. But how did it play in Walorski’s home state?

          Judging by its words and deeds, the Federal Reserve wants to see a weaker stock market as part of its effort to regain control over inflation. The Fed should be careful about what it wishes. A further significant weakening of the stock market from today’s level could help pave the way for a …

          We are exposed to an ever-increasing torrent of alarming climate news, with pictures of extreme weather events and destruction delivered on an hourly basis. We should still pay attention — clearly, the warnings on Hurricane Ian need to be heard.


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